The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6171

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6171-James pointed to the ground and said, “Go get ready. He’ll be back to propose.”

After briefly being shocked by the answer, Xitlaly recomposed and left. She ultimately paid no attention to Yegor and Mattaniah. She only followed James’ words.

Yegor and Mattaniah looked at each other speechlessly.

James looked at Yegor and said, “How many years has it been since we last spoke? Care to find a place to catch up?”

“Sure.” Yegor raised his hand, and his power wrapped around James. The next moment, the two of them had disappeared.

Mattaniah was left with billions of members from the lusus Sect in the area.

“So, who’s the leader of the lusus Sect? I don’t even know anymore.”

After speaking, Mattaniah landed on the ground and immediately sealed Quartney’s cultivation base.

Meanwhile, Yegor and James had appeared in an unknown space.

James scanned the landscape around him and said smilingly, “The scenery here isn’t as good as the Forladtt Land.”

Yegor asked smilingly, “Does the Forladtt Ladn belong to you now?”

James looked at him and said, “How did you know? Did you secretly spy into my soul again?”

Yegor chuckled and replied, “I didn’t have to go through such a troublesome step. Have you forgotten my progression?”

James leaned over and said, “Well, there’s one thing you don’t know about yet. I saw the body of your past life.” Surprised, Yegor asked, “Where?”

James recounted the events he went through in the Pyramid Battlefield of the Forladtt Land’s fourth level.

Yegor gasped and said, “I never thought the past body would’ve survived.”

James asked, “Can you not sense it from outside?”

Yegor replied, “After the reincarnation of a remnant soul, you start from zero.

Hence, there is no connection with your past. Naturally, some people will use the body of their previous life to quickly improve their cultivation rank after being reincarnated.”

James frowned and said, “There’s a mystery that I’ve been unable to solve.”

He counted the battle scene against Xachary’s main self in the Forladtt Land’s fourth level and related the incident to Xachary’s cultivation rank dropping from the Quasi Daeclon Rank.

Yegor laughed, pointed at James, and said, “It has to be related. Maybe Xachary dropped in cultivation rank because of your actions.”

James’ eyes widened in shock, and he said, “Really? In other words, he was affected because I absorbed the energy from his past life’s body?”

Yegor said solemnly, “Xachary is incredibly greedy. After the Great Battle, many of the remnant souls that escaped had reincarnated. Most of them still had connections with their past lives.

“If you severe connection, you’ll have to start from scratch. You can also keep the connection and use half of your past life’s cultivation base as your foundation after reincarnation. It seems Xachary must’ve used the latter.”

Yegor looked at James smilingly and said, “Never in his dreams would he have thought someone would find his past life’s body. Hence, you caused his drop in cultivation rank.”

James had a thoughtful expression.

‘If I knew earlier, I wouldn’t have rushed to absorb his energy. I should’ve beat him up first. Perhaps it would cause his cultivation rank to drop even more.

‘It’s a pity he already turned into a hyena and is no longer useful.’ Afterward, James told Yegor about Gladwin trying to win him over. Then, he shared his speculation about Gladwin’s plan.

Yegor said calmly, “He’s an unpredictable guy. He’s cruel but also quite reckless.

He’s not as smart as Xachary. However, he’s good at hiding his thoughts. I don’t really understand him either. You must be careful when dealing with him.”

“So it’s still possible for him to seize the Timaeus Sect’s Leader position?”

Yegor said smilingly, “Well, there is a premise. He’ll have to win the battle against the new alliance. If he does, it’s eighty percent sure that he can take over. However, his odds will drop significantly if he loses.

“Although Xachar/s cultivation rank has dropped, he’s still a very powerful person. After all, he had led the Timaeus Sect for so many years. Even if he’s not the most talented, nobody is dissatisfied with him now.”

James nodded and said, “It seems the Genesis Worlds will be even more chaotic pretty soon. Will you be interested in living in the Forladtt Land?”

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