The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6172

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6172-Yegor was stunned for a moment. He smiled and asked, How many people know about you being in control of the Forladtt Land?”

James answered calmly, “Apart from my friends, you’re the only one who knows.

Gladwin probably is suspicious about it. After all, he met US in the Hudde Passage last time.”

Yegor nodded and suddenly fell into deep thought.

James looked at him, slightly hesitant to speak. Yegor remained ambiguous about the invitation to enter the Forladtt Land. With his character and wisdom, he had a concern.

‘Is he afraid of being plotted against? Or is he trying to avoid being suspected of something?’ thought James.

After a while, Yegor suddenly asked, “How big is the Forladtt Land?” James answered, “There are a total of five known layers. Each layer has a space of about ten Great Genesis Worlds. However, I’ve only reached the fourth level. Also, I haven’t completely explored the pyramid Battlefield.

Yegor sighed, “Then you still don’t have complete control over the Forladtt Land yet. I think the Forladtt Land will be the hope of the Genesis World’s living beings.”

Stunned, James asked, ‘What do you mean? Will the Genesis Worlds collapse in the future?”

Yegor said solemnly, “They won’t necessarily collapse, but a catastrophe will strike. In fact, it’s already brewing. Nobody can avoid it, including the Genesis World’s major forces.”

James gasped and asked with a frown, “Don’t tell me it’s because of the war between the Righteous Alliance and the new alliance?”

Yegor looked at James and sneered, “Those two? They’re just a bunch of ambitious cultivators competing over power. Their battle will cost many lives, but it’s not the real catastrophe.”

James asked, ‘Then what is the real catastrophe?”

Yegor replied, ‘The Dark Heavenly Path. Her existence is too powerful. She will be the Genesis World’s greatest catastrophe.

‘Thea?” James frowned as he remembered Franciscus’ words.

Once the Dark Heavenly Path gains strength, it will utilize the Dark Power sealed in the Dark Genesis World to destroy everything. The Light Heavenly Path is the only one that can stop the Dark Heavenly Path. Yegor’s words had just confirmed it.

James asked, “Have you seen her before?”

Yegor nodded and said, “I did her a favor. Hopefully, it’ll be Skynet’s chance to survive. The other sects and forces within the Genesis Worlds may not be as lucky as US.”

James said solemnly, “I heard from Franciscus that the Dark Heavenly Path will destroy everything. Why is that so?”

“Since you’re the owner of the Forladtt Land now, you must’ve seen Tai Chi, right?”

James nodded and said, “Yeah, I met him. We even made a bet.”

Yegor lost his composure and asked, “What kind of bet?”

James explained his bet with Tai Chi.

Yegor took a deep breath and said, “He’s already trying to find a way out for himself.”

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