Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 993 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 993

Remy’s eyes looked deeply at Elisa, and he said, “Buying a house is an important matter and has to be taken seriously. I spent a lot of money buying the villa, so of course I have to change it to fit my tastes. I’ll only be able to live comfortably here if I like the design.”

Elisa remembered that her family also hired a famous interior designer to come over and tailor the villa according to their tastes. Thus, her family lived here happily over the years.

She said in understanding, “You’re right. Since we’ll be neighbors in the future, why don’t you come in for a cup of tea?”

Remy did not refuse Elisa’s offer and followed her and Serenity into the house.

Clive and his wife were still sitting on the sofa in the living hall. Audrey was there too, concernedly asking her daughter-in-law about something. When she heard the sound of her daughter talking with an unfamiliar man, she looked at the door and saw her daughter and niece inviting a young man inside.

Clive saw Remy and stood up. He took a few steps forward and greeted Remy with a smile, saying, “The wind must be quite strong today to have blown you all the way here, Mr. Johnson.”

Remy laughed. “Yes, only very strong winds can move me.”

The two men knew each other but were not exactly friends.

FC & Co. were partners with York Corporation, so Remy, Zachary, and Josh were good friends in real life as well as in business. However, York Corporation and Stone Group were at odds with each other, so Remy and Clive were just nodding acquaintances. They were not close.

Audrey heard of Remy and had met him once before, but only from afar. They never spoke face–to–face, so she could not recognize him at first.

It was only after hearing her son’s greetings did she realize who Remy was.

“Hello, Mrs. Stone.”

Remy greeted Audrey politely when Clive and Elisa invited him to sit down.

Audrey smiled and asked him to have a seat.

“Sorry for disturbing you.”

Audrey laughed. “It’s no trouble.”

“Mr. Johnson was the one who bought the Zimmers‘ villa. He’ll be our new neighbor from now on.”

Audrey and Clive were surprised to hear that. Clive smiled and said, “So it was you, Mr. Johnson. You’re better informed than we are.”

He heard that the special assistant of FC & Co. was like Josh, who specialized in collecting information. Remy was the ideal son–in–law candidate for the Houston family, which was similar to the Bucham family.

“I bought Mr. Zimmer’s company,” Remy said.

Clive was struck by a realization.

No wonder Remy moved faster than the Stone family–it was because he bought the Zimmers‘ company.

The maid served pastries and tea.

Remy politely took a sip and put down the teacup. He did not touch the pastries.

Serenity was observant and realized that Remy was like Zachary. They both did not like sweets.

Remy did not stay for long. He only came in to greet the others when Elisa invited him in. After all, they would be neighbors in the future. They would be living very close to each other.

He declined the Stones‘ offer for him to stay for dinner and got up to leave. Elisa took the initiative to see him off.


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