Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 995 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 995

It was fine for Old Mr. Hunt and his wife to live in Serenity’s house, but they wanted to give John the house left behind to the sisters by their parents. That was why Serenity and her sister decided to go to court.

The house was built by their parents, and the name on the land deed was their father’s name. According to inheritance law, John had no right to inherit the house.

The two sisters were still alive!

“Do you know where to buy bricks and gravel?” Audrey asked with concern.

“I got in touch with Ms. Deli the last time I went back. I called her to ask. Her family just rebuilt their house last year, so I got the number of a contractor who transports bricks for her. I can get a truckload of bricks sent to me this weekend itself.”

Serenity always thought of getting her parents‘ house back.

In the past, her sister and she did not have the ability.

Now that they did, they naturally wanted to take action. At first, the sisters thought that if their grandparents wanted to live in the house, they would let them stay there until they passed away in their old age. Then, the sisters would take over the house and leave it to their children and grandchildren.

However, they were too naive. When their grandparents drove them away, the old couple had already made preparations to take over the house and pass it on to their own children and grandchildren.

That year, her granddad drove the sisters out while screaming, “Your father is my son. Since my son died, it’s only natural that everything he left behind belongs to me, his father. It’s his final way to show respect to me as my son.

“If you two were boys, I would raise you no matter how tiring it was and leave your father’s house to you, but you’re just girls. Don’t even think of inheriting my son’s house!

“What’s the use of girls? Girls will just marry into another family when they grow up. How can I let outsiders inherit the house that my son worked so hard to build?”

In the old man’s heart, daughters had no stake in the family property. Scott only gave birth to two daughters and no sons. Thus, after his death, the house should be given to his nephew to inherit. At least then, the house would still belong to the Hunt family instead of outsiders.

Serenity remembered clearly what her granddad had said. “Go take the family property of your in–laws if you’re capable. You sisters have nothing to do with the Hunts‘ property, so don’t even think about it.”

There were indeed unwritten rules in the countryside, where rural houses would be left to the son. If the family was well–off and loved their daughter, they could buy a house for their daughter outside.

Families who did not give birth to sons either made their son–in–law marry into the family or gave the house to a nephew instead.

In the past, families with only daughter’s usually passed down the house over to a nephew, but times were different now, and people’s thinking was evolving. Even if there was no son in the family, they could still leave the family property to their daughters.

People who did not share the sentiment would echo what the older generation say and pass on the property to their nephews, hoping that their nephews would take care of them in their old age.

Serenity thought that those old–fashioned thoughts were dumb. If those parents could not even depend on their own daughters, how could they depend on their nephews?

Their nephews had parents of their own, and they would have wives and children too. They might have difficulty in supporting their own parents. How would they take into account their uncles?

The sisters were going back to fight for the property left behind by their parents. They were also declaring war on the old–fashioned way of thinking and fighting for all the other daughters out there!

“Okay, it’s fine if you’ve arranged everything. If you need help, then tell me and I’ll find out for you,” Audrey said. Then, after thinking of Zachary, she added, “But with Zachary with you, I don’t have to worry.”

At the mention of Zachary, Serenity could not help but send him a message and ask what he was doing.

He quickly replied to her: [I’m missing you.]

Serenity was speechless.

She could not suppress her smile, but she did not dare to laugh aloud.

[We’re on our way to the Dowlings‘ house now.]


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