Married at First Sight Chapter 1765 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1765 by desirenovel

Madisyn gave her husband a look, but smiled and said: “You also know that our fighting power is not as good as mother, so we don’t need to fight with him.”

Bowen: “Mom said, she will of course remind Kevin.”

After a pause, she said: “We are too unfilial, Kevin was born by us, but you want mom to worry about his life! Husband, think about it, has Mom ever said what she likes or wants recently? Let’s buy it and give it to Mom.”

Bowen said, “What does Mom lack? What is most lacking is granddaughter-in-law and great-granddaughter.”

When it came to the matter of the child, Madisyn said in a low voice, “Why hasn’t Serenity moved?”

Bowen immediately patted his wife and said in a low voice, “Don’t yell. It made Serenity feel uncomfortable to hear that she was under the greatest pressure, and having a child is also about fate, and it is useless to worry before the fate arrives.

If you have sons and daughters in your life, then you will definitely have them, as the old saying goes, sometimes you have to have them in your life, and there is always time in your life, don’t force it.

It’s the same reason.”

Thinking of her three sons, but no daughter, The Madisyn sighed, “The sons and daughters are all debts.

They are either here to collect debts or to pay debts. Our three sons must be here to collect debts. Holding my great-granddaughter, I also look forward to having a granddaughter in the future, but I am afraid that three sons will give us nine grandchildren, like my mom now faces nine grandchildren, and she hates it very much.”

If Madisyn ever had nine grandchildren, her great-grandson would have a large head as well.

Even though the old lady was still healthy, she was old. When Madisyn had a son and the son grew up, the old lady had already gone to be with the old man, so she couldn’t control the younger generation. Didn’t Madisyn have to take care of her as a grandmother?

Madisyn: “Husband, if we ever have grandchildren, our sons and daughters-in-law will take care of them when they become adults. We are old and weak, and we don’t have the strength to worry about it. Don’t worry about things. I think it’s going to hurt.”

Even now, their sons still depend on Grandma to take care of all the important things in their lives. The younger generation respected and feared Grandma, so Grandma was the only one who could handle them.

Grandma May was all for the good of her grandson. Her sons and their wives liked her, and they didn’t have to worry that Grandma May would lose their son.

Bowen said: “My children and grandchildren have their own blessings, so I don’t worry about it.” He pulled his wife up, and added, “Let’s go to the second brother’s house to see if he needs help. Callum just brought his girlfriend back for the first time, so we need to be ready. Don’t make Ms. Newman feel like we haven’t been paying attention to her.”

Madisyn: “One day when Kevin comes back with Hayden, I still want to set off firecrackers.”

Bowen said with a smile: “There will be such a day, wait until That day, we bought a carload of fireworks and went to a wasteland to set off fireworks to celebrate.”


The old couple walked out of the main house while talking, and went to the big villa next door. It was a small house with two bedrooms.

The first ones to come back were Zachary and his wife Serenity, still with Sonny.

Because Liberty was still taking care of Duncan in the hospital, Sonny was now following his aunt Serenity.

Originally, Zachary and Serenity planned to come back tonight, but they received a group message from Callum on the way back, and the couple were the first to arrive home.

When Zachary’s car stopped, Grandma May came over, not to meet her precious grandson.

As soon as the car door opened, Grandma May leaned in, hugged Sonny from Serenity’s arms, got out of the car with Sonny in her arms, walked back with a smile.

~End of the Married at First Sight Chapter 1765~


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