Married at First Sight Chapter 1770 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1770 by desirenovel-Everyone was aware that Camryn couldn’t see; instead, she recognized people through memory and listening.

When Callum introduced Camryn to everyone, everyone was quiet and only spoke out when it was time for them to speak, so that Camryn could remember who was speaking.

Camryn was once again moved by the thoughtfulness of York’s family.

Callum really never lied to her.

His family members were excellent; whether they were parents or siblings, they wouldn’t disapprove of her or think that she wasn’t deserving of him.

It was because she was too inferior and never dared to accept Callum’s feelings.

It was only now that she took the first step bravely.

If her aunt Azalea hadn’t gone to FC Manor in Annenburg and knew that Callum went to seek medical treatment for her, she probably wouldn’t be able to muster up the courage to take this step.

Grandma May was the head of the York family, but she was the gentlest old lady, Camryn didn’t put on airs of Grandma May at all.

Rosella, Callum’s biological mother, took Camryn’s hand to greet the cold and warm.

Camryn could feel whether these people were really nice to her or whether they were just acting.

They were very sincere, and her blindness was nothing to them.

It’s the same as what Rosella said in front of her eldest aunt, as long as Camryn could spend money, the York family would not despise her.

After Camryn followed Callum back to Wildridge Manor to meet his parents, the two of them confirmed their romantic relationship again, and their relationship developed by leaps and bounds.

The aunt Azalea, Dalton and Trenton, on behalf of their natal family, met with the elders of the York family to discuss their wedding date.

Let’s talk about Trenton, it was very difficult for him to accept that his biological parents are murderers. Since he knew the truth, he borrowed to live with a classmate and did not want to see his elder sister Camryn.

In fact, he didn’t hold a grudge against Camryn, he just had no face to face his sister.

His biological parents killed his sister’s own father, and his parents also took over the property left by his second uncle to his sister, and treated his sister very badly, and almost killed her sister. He felt that he was sorry for her sister.

He heard that his sister and Callum confirmed their love relationship, and after they met their parents, the two elders wanted to discuss their wedding matters.

He felt that although he was not his elder sister’s elder, he was her only brother. He can’t ignore it.

Therefore, when aunt Azalea flew to Wiltspoon again, Trenton showed up and insisted on going with her and Dalton to meet the elders of the York family.

Since Camryn’s eyes hadn’t healed yet, Callum meant to get engaged first, and the wedding date would be a year or two later. He hoped that Camryn could see the grand wedding he had carefully prepared for her, not to mention the wedding of the eldest brother and sister-in-law hadn’t done it yet.

He was not in a hurry.

Whether Camryn’s eyes could be cured was what worried him the most right now.

He first got engaged because he wanted to do so.

Grandma May picked an auspicious day and held an engagement ceremony for the two of them. Camryn became Callum’s real fiancée.

After attending Callum’s engagement banquet, Zachary flew to Annenburg with Serenity and drank the full moon wine from Ben and Jane’s sons and daughters. At work, life returns to normal.


In the hospital.

Duncan was sitting in a wheelchair, and Liberty pushed him, planning to push him downstairs to relax.

Liberty took care of Duncan for a period of time, and Duncan’s injured leg healed a lot. The doctor said that he could be discharged from the hospital in a week and go home to rest, and he will start rehabilitation after a period of rest.

“You don’t have to follow.” After Duncan was pushed out of the ward, he said to his bodyguards.


Even if Duncan didn’t order, and Ms. Liberty was present, the bodyguards would usually not follow, so as not to be a light bulb.

~End of the Married at First Sight Chapter 1770~


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