Married at First Sight Chapter 1772 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1772 by desirenovel-Mrs. Lewis was afraid that her husband and son would quarrel, so she hurriedly pushed her son to the right, where there were wheelchair patients dedicated lane.

Liberty and Mrs. Lewis pushed Duncan downstairs together.

As soon as they got down to the first floor, they saw medical staff pushing patients into the elevator.

Liberty saw a familiar face. It was George, the husband of her former eldest sister Chelsea.

George also saw Liberty and stopped instinctively.

“Liberty.” George called her.

Liberty wanted to walk over as if she didn’t know each other, but the other party called her, so she had to stop, Mrs. Lewis looked at George, and asked Liberty: “Who is he?”

Liberty: “He’s my ex-husband Hank’s brother-in-law.”

Mrs. Lewis said oh, she took the initiative to push Duncan forward, and said to Liberty: “We will wait for you outside.”

Mrs. Lewis didn’t want to get involved in these matters because George appeared to have something to say to Liberty.

After Mrs. Lewis pushed Duncan away, Liberty asked: “Mr. Repton, Why are you here?! Someone in the family is sick and hospitalized?”

George said sadly: “It’s your sister.”

Liberty: “What’s wrong with Miss Brown?”

In Liberty’s opinion, Chelsea was always on the go, worried that the world wouldn’t be in chaos, and she hardly ever even caught a cold or a fever, let alone needed to go to the hospital.

George said: “She is not sick, but hurt. Jessica, the dangerous woman, stabbed her. She didn’t hit anything important, though, so her life is not in danger. Leave the emergency room and go straight to the hospital.

Still there is Hank. He was the most hurt person in the emergency room. He had been stabbed several times, and his parents were waiting outside the room while I took care of Chelsea.”

Hearing this, Liberty was shocked, and she asked: “Mr. Repton, what’s going on? Why did Jessica stab them?”

Jessica stabbed Mrs. Brown, Chelsea, and Liberty were not surprised, but she stabbed Hank and stabbed them several times and she was surprised.

Didn’t she love Hank very much?

When did the young couple turn against each other, to the point of killing each other?

No matter what Hank said, he was Sonny’s biological father. Liberty didn’t want Sonny to lose his father at such a young age, so he asked a few more questions about Hank’s situation.

George said: “I don’t know about Hank’s situation. When I received the call, they were all sent to the hospital. I rushed all the way here. When I arrived, Chelsea was just pushed out. Fortunately, Chelsea’s life was not in danger.

I heard from my father that Hank was stabbed several times and was in shock when he was sent to the hospital. It is clear that after Jessica stabbed them, she called the police, and now she has been taken away by the police.

She was already guilty, and now she is guilty, if she is not sentenced to death, I will sue thisd poisonous woman.

She couldn’t take Chelsea with her if she didn’t want to live. If she wanted to die, she could die by herself. She could jump off a building, jump into a river, or hang herself. Why use a knife? If something happens to Chelsea, my two children will not have a mother, and that Jessica is such a poisonous woman!”

George scolded Jessica thousands of times.


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