Married at First Sight Chapter 1775 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1775 by desirenovel-Liberty said: “Auntie, I want to go and see, if he can’t be rescued, Sonny is his son, he has to give him a ride. Auntie, please accompany Mr. Lewis first.”

Mrs. Lewis: “I’ll just accompany Duncan. You can go quickly. If you need help, tell us.” always gives a faster update. Always follow to read the novel Married at First Sight and join Telegram for chit chat.

Liberty nodded and left quickly.

After she left, Mrs. Lewis pushed Duncan and said slowly, “Look at Hank’s current ending; this is the price of cheating. Duncan, if you marry a wife and have children in the future, you must be loyal to your marriage and be loyal to your family.

If you think you can’t be loyal to your marriage and family, Mom hopes that you will be single for the rest of your life and not harm other people’s daughters.

Mom doesn’t have a daughter, but Mom is also a woman; who wants to see her own son with another woman? If you don’t love her anymore, you can file for divorce. After divorce, you will be single again. Whoever you like and pursue is their freedom.”

Duncan said coldly: “Mom, I’ll just call. You don’t have to worry that your son will end up like Hank.”

“What stupid things are you talking about? You can get better. When you recover, you have to pursue Liberty and marry her. When you become a stepdad, mom doesn’t object anymore, because, as you said at the beginning, this is your choice to marry her, you want to live, and as long as you feel happy, mom won’t interfere. Sonny is a very cute child, and mom likes him too. He will be Mom’s grandson; Mom can accept it now.”

Duncan’s voice became colder, “Mom, don’t you think I’m selfish? When I was doing well, you objected to me being with Liberty and mother-child relationship.

I’m disabled now, and I can’t even stand up on my own. You just say that if you want me to like Liberty, I should pursue Liberty and marry Liberty. You want Liberty to be my free nanny. I won’t marry her. If she doesn’t leave for a day and still takes care of me, Mom, you will pay her wages, and she doesn’t owe me anything!”

He wouldn’t treat Liberty as a free nanny.

Mrs. Lewis was speechless by her son’s accusation. After a while, she admitted: “I’m selfish. I just want you to get better. You can say whatever you want. As long as you get better, you want to marry a woman and go home and I doesn’t care anymore.

I regret it so much now, why did I stop you from looking for Liberty, if it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t…it’s all my fault!”

Duncan had heard enough of his mother’s self-blame, he interrupted his mother to continue to blame herself, and said: “That day, I didn’t want to go to Liberty, I wanted to go back to the company, I have an important meeting that day. Mom, you questioned me like that, and I let you misunderstand that I wanted to go to Liberty.”

He was pursuing Liberty, but he would not leave the company’s affairs alone.

He usually handled the most important things, and other things were arranged, so he had a lot of time to pursue and accompany Liberty.

Companionship was the longest confession of love, and he planed to spend the rest of his life with Liberty.

But, unfortunately, he was disabled now, not to mention that Liberty still had no affection for him, even if he had affection, he would refuse, not wanting to drag Liberty down.

Liberty deserved a better man.

“It’s my fault no matter what.” Mrs. Lewis blamed herself, “So I want you to get well soon.”

Liberty couldn’t hear what the mother and son of the Lewis family said. When she went to the emergency room, Seeing Mrs. Brown and Mr. Brown still guarding the door of the emergency room, the couple stood together, Mr. Brown held his wife’s hand tightly, and Mrs. Brown also held her husband hand tightly as well.

The couple silently comforted each other.

Mrs. Brown was still crying, and the tears on her face hadn’t dried.

“Uncle, aunt.” Liberty walked in front of them and called out softly.

When Mr. Brown and Mrs. Brown saw that it was Liberty, Mrs. Brown immediately grabbed Liberty’s hand and wanted to say something, but she couldn’t say a word, she could only cry.


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