Married at First Sight Chapter 1776 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1776 by desirenovel-Liberty couldn’t say words of comfort either.

All she could do was help Mrs. Brown to sit down on a chair, then took out a small pack of tissues that she carried with her, and handed Mrs. Brown to wipe away her tears.

Mr. Brown’s eyes were also red, and he turned his back from time to time to wipe his eyes.

The couple had only one son, Hank. If something happened to the son, what would they do?

It took a long time for Mrs. Brown to stop crying.

But she was still unable to speak because she was too emotional.

Liberty looked at Mr. Brown, and asked with concern: “Uncle, how is Hank?” always gives a faster update. Always follow to read the novel Married at First Sight and join Telegram for chit chat.

Mr. Brown choked up and said, “The doctor hasn’t yet emerged, and I’ve just seen other doctors entering with blood bags while he’s still being saved. He lost a lot of blood as they were also delivered in bags one by one…”

Thinking of his son’s tragic situation, Mr. Brown burst into tears again.

He never dreamed that Jessica would actually stab his son, the kind that stabbed him to death.

If they hadn’t heard the movement and quickly used the spare key to open the door and go in, the son might have died on the spot.

His daughter was also stabbed by Jessica in order to save her son.

That woman was too ruthless, too ruthless!

It’s in vain that his son treated her so well.

Jessica squatted in the bathroom for a long time. When she came out, her legs were numb. She accidentally fell and lost the child. Hank never blamed her. No matter what people said about her, Hank always defended her, refused to divorce her, how could she do it!

Mr. Brown was puzzled.

His thoughts were the same as Liberty’s. He felt that if Jessica wanted to kill someone, shouldn’t they be the ones she wanted to kill the most?

Why did Jessica kill Hank?

How could Hank, a big man, be killed by Jessica?

When the tragedy happened, the young couple was resting in the room, and no one knew how they got into a fight to the point of going to the knife.

Mr. Brown was glad that his wife couldn’t change his sh!t, so he stole the key to his son’s room, saying it was a spare, but in fact, he wanted to be able to enter his son’s room at any time, and see how many houses his daughter-in-law had lost.

When Liberty was the daughter-in-law of the Brown family, Mrs. Brown did this all the time.

“Liberty…” Mrs. Brown was finally able to continue talking. She took Liberty’s hand and cried: “What if Hank… I will talk to your Uncle, what should we do?”

Liberty could only comfort and say, “Auntie, the doctor hasn’t given up on Hank, which means he can still be saved, so don’t worry too much.”

“Liberty, bring Sonny here, just in case …Maybe let Sonny give his father a ride.”

The person who said this was Mr. Brown.

When the sound fell, he was poohed by his wife and slapped a few times by his wife.

Mrs. Brown also scolded him: “What unlucky words do you use, Hank won’t pass away, Liberty is correct, the doctors are still hopeful that they can save him, Hank won’t pass away, he won’t pass away! He won’t pass away because he’s still young and only in his early 30s.”


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