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Married at First Sight Chapter 2675-Kathryn said, “What are you going to do? My mother knows you are coming. She won’t do anything. You should pay attention to yourself. If you want to know something, if I know it, I will tell you.”

Liberty suppressed a smile, looked at Kathryn seriously for a while, and then said, “Kathryn, we have met before, and I also think that you are a righteous person in your heart, and your three views will not be distorted in any way, but it’s your mother, your biological mother; you have a mother-daughter relationship; you won’t stand on opposite sides.”

Kathryn’s smile disappeared little by little, and she sighed: “Yes, she and I are biological mother and daughter. For me to stand opposite her, I have a lot of pressure and need a lot of courage. It’s normal for you to guard against me. But, Liberty, I really care about you and worry about you. My mother is too cruel.

You are on your guard against me. If you don’t want to say anything, I won’t ask you again. But if you encounter difficulties that cannot be solved, you can really come to me, and I will do my best to help you.

Actually, my mother and I don’t have much of a mother-daughter relationship. I didn’t grow up by her side. I was already in my twenties when I came back. Because Shiloh still stayed in the Farrell family, they still favored her. I also know that even if I say that my mother and I don’t have much affection as a mother and daughter, it still doesn’t erase the fact that we are biological mother and daughter.

If it weren’t for you, I think I would still take over the responsibility of being the head of the Farrell family from her in the future, become the leader of the family, and lead the Farrell family to continue on.”

Kathryn wanted to change the Farrell family’s family rules and clan rules.

She didn’t want to be so rigid.

Although the price paid may be a bit high, it was also to allow the family to go further and develop better.

Kathryn took out a business card and handed it to Liberty, “This is my other phone number. Not many people know it. If you need anything, just call me.”

Liberty took the business card she handed over, looked at the phone number on the business card, and found that the company name and address on the business card did not belong to Farrell’s Group.

Kathryn said, “That was a company I founded before I returned to Farrell’s family. I like making money very much. Maybe it has something to do with my living environment. In school, in addition to studying, I was thinking about how to make money. Before I graduated from college, I had already accumulated a lot of money. I made a lot of wealth, and after graduation, I devoted more time and energy to business, and I started my own company.

Actually, even if I didn’t return to the Farrell family, I would still be a little rich woman. Of course, I can’t compare with your sister.”

Serenity’s net worth was already calculated in hundreds of millions.

However, Kathryn earned all of her wealth on her own.

Kathryn added, “Not even my mother knows about these things about me. I haven’t told anyone in the Farrell family.”

Liberty said, “Thank you for your trust in me.”

She put away the business card.

Kathryn looked at Liberty and said seriously, “I also want to know what happened back then, whether it was my mother who planned it, and whether she killed her sisters. The position of the head of the Farrell family is indeed very attractive, because the head of the family’s power is too great; no matter in the clan, in the company, or at home, everyone has one say.

If the position of the head of the Farrell family is mine, then I want to be in a position of honor, and I want to be in an upright position, without any guilt.”

If her mother, the current matriarch, really had murdered her sisters in order to rise to the top and become the head of the family, then she had come to the wrong place.

Although Kathryn took over the throne from her mother, it was equivalent to taking away the benefits and position of her aunt’s descendants.

She would feel guilty.


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