Married at First Sight Chapter 2681 by Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2681-There was nothing else to say the entire night.

The following day was Sunday.

Sonny, who didn’t need to go to kindergarten, got up early.

After getting up, he went to knock on Serenity’s door. Zachary opened the door for him.

Sonny said, “Uncle, is my aunt up? I want to play with her.”

Zachary took a few deep breaths and told himself not to be angry with the little thing. He said gently, “Sonny, what time is it now? You got up and didn’t sleep much. Usually you have to go to kindergarten, and you don’t want to get up until the sun is shining on you. You don’t have to go to kindergarten, so you get up early every day.”

Sonny pouted and said, “Uncle, I couldn’t sleep when I woke up. There is no one to play with me, so I can only come to play with my aunt.”

He lived in Zachary’s private villa in the city, not in Wildridge Manor. He could play with other children in the villa without disturbing Serenity.

Zachary picked him up helplessly and said to him, “Your aunt is still sleeping. Sonny, let’s play with me. What do you want to play?”

Sonny said, “I want to go out and play.”

Zachary asked, “Isn’t it good to play with toys in the house?”

Sonny shook his head. “It’s not fun to play alone. Uncle, you don’t play with toys.”

Zachary smiled and said, “Okay, then I will take you out for a morning jog, okay? You wait for me to change into sports clothes.”

He carried Sonny back to the room, put Sonny down, and whispered softly, “Don’t go to the bedroom to wake your aunt. I’ll go change clothes.”

Sonny nodded.

Zachary went to get a set of sportswear. After changing his pants, he was worried that Sonny would run into the bedroom and make trouble with Serenity if he was disobedient. He took off his shirt and put it on while walking out.

He felt relieved when he saw Sonny staying where he was.

Zachary said, “Sonny, let’s go; I will take you out for a walk.”

Sonny followed Zachary out happily.

Sonny asked, “Uncle, when will my mom come back?”

Zachary: “I can’t say for sure. Do you miss your mom?”

Sonny hummed, “I miss my mom when I go to bed at night.”

If Sonny enjoyed himself throughout the day, he would not miss Liberty.

Zachary: “When you have time, I will take you over to find mom.”

Sonny: “Uncle, do you keep what you say?”

Zachary smiled and said, “When did I lie to you?”

Sam was watering the flowers and plants in the yard. When he saw Zachary coming out with Sonny in hand, he smiled and said hello.

At this time, the doorbell rang.

At the same time, Zachary’s cell phone was also ringing.

Sam said, “I’ll open the door.”

He put down the flower pot and walked to open the door.

Zachary stopped, took out his mobile phone, and saw that the caller ID was Ben. He was a little surprised, but not surprised. Remy and Elisa’s relationship was stable, and their parents were discussing marriage.

However, Elisa insisted on getting engaged and getting the certificate first, and then held the wedding after Serenity gave birth to the baby. She didn’t want Serenity to attend her wedding with a big belly because she was afraid that there would be many people and they would bump into Serenity.

As Ben was the eldest brother, it was normal for Ben to follow him if his elders came over.

Remy was Ben’s biological brother from the same mother.

Zachary quickly answered Ben’s call.

Ben asked, “Zachary, are you at home?”


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