The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6173

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6173-James frowned and asked, “What do you mean?” Yegor replied, “If we can see it, Tai Chi must also be aware. The Dark Heavenly Path has reincarnated eighty-one times and become the Tai Chi Tribulation.

He’s unable to stop it.”

James shook his head and questioned, ‘The Tai Chi Tribulation?”

Yegor squinted and said, “The Dark Heavenly Path isn’t only just the Dark Heavenly Path. She’s also the Yin governor. However, she had been controllable and disobedient. Thus, Tai Chi punished and imprisoned her. After being reincarnated eighty-one times, she underwent multiple tribulations for a few entrapochs. She must have harbored deep hatred in her heart.”

“Isn’t the Yin governor Tai Chi’s daughter? Why would he…” James’ eyes widened in shock.

Yegor said excitedly, “Who told you that? Do you believe that Tai Chi gave birth to the two governors, and their union became a myriad of things?

James was rendered speechless.

‘Tai Chi is a supreme position. Using layman’s terms, Tai Chi is like an emperor with imperial power. The Yin and Yang governors are his ministers.”

James asked surprisedly, “So you’re saying Tai Chi is just a normal living being?”

“He’s a being with an exceptional Supernatural Power and proficiency in Tai Chi Power. However, he was chosen by the Supreme Path. He is devoted to the Supreme Path.”

James finally understood Tai Chi was not his father-in-law or mother-in- law.

Instead, Tai Chi was a transcendent and powerful being that was given an important title.

As for the Yang governor, whom James had defeated in the Forladtt Land, he was indeed the son of Tai Chi and happened to be chosen to take on the position.

While in the Forladtt Land, Tai Chi did not kill James because he had to respect the Supreme Path’s laws. If he had taken action to kill another being, he would risk losing his position.

After gaining a clearer understanding of the situation, James asked, “In other words, the Yin governor wants to destroy everything to take revenge against the Tai Chi.”

Yegor said smilingly, ‘The hatred she harbors will subvert the Law of Tai Chi and stir up a huge storm in the Tai Chi World.”

James chuckled inside, amazed that he and Thea had the same idea. They were truly husband and wife who thought alike.

He thought for a bit and asked, “If she wanted to subvert the Law of Tai Chi, she would only need to kill Tai Chi. Why bother destroying all of the Genesis Worlds?”

Yegor looked at James and sneered, “What kind of existence do you think Tai Chi is? The Genesis Worlds were originally part of the Tai Chi World. They only separated after Franciscus shattered the Tai Chi World. It’s impossible to kill Tai Chi if the Tai Chi World still exists. “

James gasped, realizing how challenging his wife’s task was. As her husband, he felt responsible for helping her. To stir up enough trouble to drive Tai Chi down from his position, the Light Heavenly Path would be really important. After all, the Light Heavenly Path was the only one able to restrain his wife.

James looked at Yegor and said, “Since Tai Chi is looking for a way out, why did he make a bet with me?” Yegor replied, “If you’re still alive, how can he safely take refuge in the Forladtt Land? It’s a different space independent from the Tai Chi World. He had already planned for it to be his escape route. He’s surely furious that you got there before him.”

James frowned and said, ‘Then I’m in trouble. I’m in his territory, so he could kill me anytime.”

Yegor rolled his eyes and said, “If he could kill you, why would he wait until now? Not only can you control the Forladtt Land, but you’ve also successfully cultivated the Ultimate Golden Body. The Supreme Path has chosen you. If he kills you, he’ll not have long to live either.”

James said thoughtfully, “So he can’t kill me himself and wants to use the Three Great Heavenly Tribulations to eliminate me? By doing so, he would not be considered violating the Law of Paths?”

Yegor replied smilingly, “Exactly. However, advancing your cultivation rank with Tai Chi standing in the way will be hard.”

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