The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6174

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6174-James said smilingly, “As long as he doesn’t dare to deal with me personally, I’ll be able to find a way to survive the Three Great Heavenly Tribulations.”

Yegor looked at James and said smilingly, “Do you know what I admire most about you?”

James was stunned for a moment, then shook his head in response.

“Your strong will. You’re never willing to admit defeat and aren’t afraid of anything. Since I’ve been enlightening you for so long, can you also answer my questions?”

James frowned and said smilingly, “Sure. Ask away.”

Yegor pondered momentarily and said smilingly, “You left so many living beings in the Dark World, and the first thing you did after leaving the Forladtt Land was to help my son with his marriage. It’s not as simple as just a marriage, right?” James smiled indifferently and waved his hand. Immediately afterward, the Grimlore Map appeared before them.

Yegor frowned upon seeing the map.

James said smilingly, “Look at the Genesis Regions controlled by Skynet and the lustus Sect. Are they connected?”

Yegor immediately realized and said, “Indeed. Our Genesis Regions are connected. Meanwhile, the lusus Sect’s Genesis Region and the Forladtt Land are only separated by two Micro Genesis Worlds.

“If we can control the lusus Sect, then open up a passage through these two Micro Genesis Worlds, we can easily arrive at the Forladtt Land.”

James praised him, saying, “As expected from a wise man like you. You understood my intentions almost immediately.”

Yegor looked at James and said, “So, you found the Tempest Scepter from the Forladtt Land and handed it to Truett as a betrothal gift for Xitlaly’s hand in marriage. By doing so, Truett will gain face, and you can also gain control over the lusus Sect.”

James bowed, clasped his hands, and said, “Please forgive me.”

Yegor smiled and said calmly, ‘That silly son of mine doesn’t know yet, does he?”

“He does.” James raised his head.

Stunned, Yegor asked, “Did you tell him?”

James replied, “Yeah. We’re good friends and don’t hide anything from each other.”

Yegor pointed at James and sneered, “You shouldn’t have. Not only are you his friends, but also his mentor. The two of you are like-minded people walking the same path. You should train him more. In addition to helping him cultivate, you need to hone his mental fortitude. He has to recognize the evilness of this world and grow up. You shouldn’t have told him about this and let him figure it out himself…”

James interrupted Yegor, saying, ‘There are things one must learn themselves.

However, some things need to be said openly. Otherwise, not only would it not be able to strengthen his mental fortitude, but he would be hurt after finding out the truth.”

Yegor was stunned, and then he laughed and pointed at James.

At that moment, James suddenly received a telepathic message from Lyla.

“Hurry back! Gladwin and Yaquis are here.”

James’ face darkened, and he quickly informed Yegor about the situation.

Yegor sneered, ‘They’re moving pretty fast. Whatever it is, we won’t be able to avoid it. Let’s go meet them.”

After speaking, Yegor grabbed James and teleported out of the mysterious space.

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