The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6176

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6176-Gladwin nodded, saying, “Mhm. You’re one of the best of the younger generation. The Timaeus Sect…”

Before he could finish speaking, Yaquis, who had just sat down beside him, suddenly reached out to James with a potent Genesis.


James quickly swung his fist, and his Amethyst-Gold Power mixed with a blackand-white force instantly shattered Yaquis’ attack.

The hall began to shake, and the aftermath instantly shattered the surrounding furniture.

The powerhouses present were surprised.

Yaquis, on the other hand, was especially confused by the situation. He was surprised a powerhouse only at the Yuraceon Daelm Rank’s Eight Tribulation’s peak had blocked his attack.

Mattaniah stood up and shouted, “What do you mean by this, Yaquis?!!”

Gladwin said sarcastically, “Bullying someone weaker than you again? You haven’t changed.”

Yaquis snorted, ‘This guy cursed my son and his current whereabouts are still unknown. We’ve got irreconcilable grievances.

Mattaniah was surprised by his words.

Gladwin gloated as his eyes swept over Yegor and James.

Yaquis pointed at James and said, “Hand over my son immediately, or else I’ll obliterate your soul today!”

James looked at the powerhouses present and said, “Do you want me to expose your background in front of everyone here?”

“How dare you speak to me so arrogantly?” Just when Yaquis was about to take action, he saw three dazzling lights rushing into the hall. Immediately afterward, Rebella, Lyla and Xitlaly appeared before James.

The three of them were at the peak of the Yuraceon Daelm Rank’s Ninth Tribulation. They released the Qrohm at Yaquis.

Their Qrohm caused the chair and small square table beside Yaquis to explode into pieces.

Yaquis spun in the air and landed on the ground. He had activated his Quasar Genesis Divine Light, but his face was still full of horror.

He never expected three powerhouses at the peak of the Yuraceon Daelm Rank’s Ninth Tribulation to have suddenly appeared before James. He began wondering what kind of mysterious existence James was.

Gladwin was also surprised to see the powerhouses who had appeared. Not only did Lyla appear, but even Rebella, whom he was the most reluctant to see sacrificed.

What was even more shocking was that the Rebella, who was only at the upper grade of the Yuraceon Daelm Rank’s Ninth Tribulation, had reached the peak.

Mattaniah and Yegor cast each other a glance.

Yaquis felt humiliated and shouted furiously, “Presumptuous! Since you guys are so keen on dying, I’ll grant your wishes!”

Just before he took action, Mattaniah shouted, “Yaquis! This is the lusus Sect’s main hall. Please think twice before doing anything.”

Yaquis turned to Mattaniah and questioned, “Are you standing up for him, Mattaniah?”

Mattaniah’s face darkened, and he said coldly, “James is a distinguished guest of ours. It would be an embarrassment if our sect can’t even protect our guests.”

Yaquis frowned after sensing the warning from Mattaniah’s words.

Xitlaly raised her hand and summoned the Tempest Scepter, immediately illuminating the hall with a dazzling light.

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