The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6177

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6177-Yaquis and Gladwin’s eyes widened in shock. They were not expecting the Tempest Scepter to be in Xitlaly’s hands.

Xitlaly commanded, “As the saint of the lusus Sect, I declare that we will fight with everything to defend James if anyone dares to even lay hands on him.” As soon as these words came out, Yaquis’ depression immediately changed. He knew the Tempest Scepter was the divine weapon of the lusus Sect, and their members would absolutely obey the person who wielded it.

It was evident that Xitlaly was determined to protect James.

At that moment, another unexpected person flashed into the hall and shielded in front of James.

“I’m Skynet’s Young Master, Truett. Whoever wants to touch him will have to step over my dead body!”

Yaquis felt a shiver down his spine. He quickly turned to Yegor, shocked that James was close to Skynet’s Young Master. Since Yegor had not said anything, that would mean he permitted Truett’s actions.

As the Yaquis Sect and the new alliance’s leader, he was not scared of the lusus Sect. However, Skynet was an existence that his sect was unable to overpower.

Moreover, Gladwin was also watching, waiting for an opportunity. He would lose Skynet and the lusus Sect to the Righteous Alliance if he were to forcibly try to take down James. The new alliance’s defeat would sealed if that were to happen.

After thinking about it momentarily, Yaquis gritted his teeth and put down his hand.

“Just think about it, guys. How would you act if your son was kidnapped, tortured, cursed, and went missing?”

Since using force was ineffective, Yaquis tried a softer approach and tried reasoning with them.

Unfortunately, nobody paid him any attention.

Yaquis slowly raised his head and said furiously, “Fine. Today, I’ll hold back for the sake of the lusus Sect and Skynet.”

He pointed at James, then said, “However, you better hand over my son.

Otherwise, I won’t hesitate to take your life regardless of the consequences.”

Everyone looked at James, waiting for him to express his stance.

James gently pushed his friends aside and said smilingly, “You’re finally going to let me speak? Since we’ve decided to do this reasonably, let’s clarify it before everyone.”

“May I ask where and when did your son disappear?”

Yaquis gritted his teeth and said, “In the Forladtt Land.”

James frowned and said, “That’s strange. The Forladtt Land is full of dangers, and anyone could die. Your son disappeared in the Forladtt Land, so why are you blaming me for it?” Yaquis laughed angrily. “Are you trying to quibble with me? Many disciples of the new alliance have seen you torturing my son. You acquired Franciscus’ curse and became a demon! But you’re trying to deny it now?”

James raised his eyebrows and asked smilingly, “A demon again? If obtaining Franciscus’ inheritance makes me a devil, then why did you send disciples from the Yaquis Sect to participate and compete for the inheritance?”

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