The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6178

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6178-Yaquis was rendered speechless.

James said smilingly, “Your son also participated, right? He fought me but lost.”

“Everyone keeps saying Franciscus’ successor is a demon. Then, your sect’s disciples tried to become demons but failed.”

Yaquis gritted his teeth, waved his hand, and growled, “Presumptuous! Don’t stray from the main topic. I’m asking about my son’s whereabouts.”

“Since you insist on this topic, shall we talk about everything that happened?” James turned to Xitlaly and said, “Tell them about how we met in the Forladtt Land.”

Xitlaly raised her head and explained the events in the Forladtt Land.

Mattaniah’s face darkened after hearing everything, and shouted, “I see how it is! How dare he attack our sect’s saintess! Shouldn’t you give me an explanation, Yaquis?!!”

Yaquis waved his hand and said hurriedly, “No. There must be a misunderstanding. Besides, my son was not the person who did it. He doesn’t deserve to die.”

James recounted the events of the Forladtt Land, especially the part where Xayvion had disguised as Whitaker and infiltrated the Timaeus Sect. He also brought up the powerhouses that had used elixirs to suppress their cores.

Yegor and Mattaniah had solemn expressions. On the other hand, Yaquis had an embarrassed expression after being exposed.

Gladwin sneered sarcastically, “Oh? Was there a secret operation like that?

So the new alliance that claims to want to maintain the safety and stability of the Genesis Worlds had broken the rules and snuck powerhouses at the Yuraeceon Daelm Rank into the Forladtt Land. That’s despicable and shameless.”

Yaquis turned around and pointed at Gladwin, saying, “Were we really the only ones that did such a thing? Didn’t you guys do the same?”

‘Good. Now, tear each other apart. I need you two to fight for this power struggle to continue.’ James secretly laughed inwardly.

Rubella looked around and met James’ gaze, seemingly trying to signal him.

James immediately understood her intention and nodded lightly in response.

Meanwhile, Gladwin and Yaquis quarreled intensely in front of everyone. The two of them exposed each other to all the dirty schemes of the past. Soon enough, it seemed like the two were about to fight.

Nobody stopped them, and they just watched like spectators.

After the two bickered for a long time, they suddenly noticed the strange atmosphere around them and quickly backed away from each other.

Yegor smiled and said, “You two old men are fighting like children in front of the youngsters. How embarrassing.”

Gladwin and Yaquis turned their heads simultaneously, evidently displeased with one another.

Yegor looked at Yaquis and said, “James has already explained what happened to your son. Now, we should talk about my son almost dying in his hands.”

Mattaniah’s face also darkened as he questioned, “I also need an explanation about your son’s actions toward our saintess! Even if you can’t find your son, I’ll do it myself. How dare you bully our saintess. That’s equivalent to making an enemy out of our sect! I can’t tolerate such actions!”

Yaquis was stunned momentarily, taken aback that everyone had turned against him.

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