The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6179

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6179-James squinted at Gladwin, who gloated over Yaquis’ situation. He began thinking about a way to intensify the hostility between the Righteous Alliance and the new alliance.

However, Gladwin was present. Thus, James could only hint at things rather than directly speaking of them. It would have been much more convenient if he could send telepathic messages.

Yaquis clenched his fists and growled, “So everyone’s targeting me now? They could easily paint the situation to their benefit. My son’s current whereabouts is still unknown. If you guys are capable enough to find him, we can question him on the spot.

“If he truly did these things, his fate will be up to you to decide. However, I must at least see him!”

Yaquis had not been the head of a major sect for nothing. He could maintain his wit under such a disadvantageous situation. It showed that he was a capable leader.

Everyone fell silent. After a short while, Mattaniah said, “Since you say so, then let’s not fight on such a happy day. still, you owe US explanations after finding your son.”

Yaquis said, “But where do I find him? I…”

“That’s your problem. Although you two came uninvited, it’s the perfect timing. It saved me a trip to find you two. Come, let’s witness a happy union together.”

Yegor interrupted with a solemn expression.

Gladwin and Yaquis were stunned by his words.

Yegor nodded at James and said, “Since you’re their matchmaker, how about you facilitate?” James nodded smilingly, then turned to Truett and cast him a meaningful glance. Immediately afterward, he shouted, “Let the ceremony begin!”

Truett, Rebella and Lyla immediately rushed out of the ball.

Xitlaly was left behind, confused. Just as she was about to follow after them, James blocked her from leaving.

She looked at him and said, “James?” James said smilingly, “You can’t leave. Otherwise, how is Truett going to propose?”

Xitlaly was stunned and immediately lowered her head shyly.

Shortly after, bells and drums resounded from outside the main hall. The melodic and festive music began playing throughout the area.

Truett walked into the hall. Rebella and Lyla led a group of beautiful disciples after him, holding countless elegantly wrapped betrothal gifts.

Gladwin and Yaquis were stunned by the sight. Meanwhile, Yegor and Mattaniah were watching with broad smiles.

Under the countless gazes, Truett stopped before Xitlaly. He smiled tenderly and said, “James said we must go through the proper procedures.”

James face palmed and almost toppled to the ground. He was astonished that Truett was not sensible enough to know what not to say during a proposal.

Fortunately, Xitlaly did not mind his clumsiness. He gently bit her red lips and nodded at him.

Truett knelt on one knee, put one knee on his hand, and said, “Xitlaly, will you marry me?”

Everyone fell silent in anticipation.

Xitlaly looked at Mattaniah and Yegor shyly for a while. Then, she turned to Truett and nodded firmly.

Truett stood up, took Xitlal/s slender hand, and said with a smile, “I promise to be with you in life and death.

Rebella and Lyla thrust their palms forward simultaneously. At that moment, countless dazzling lights enveloped the couple.

The two had officially tied the knot.

Yegor and Mattaniah smiled and nodded in approval.

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