The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6180

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6180-Meanwhile, Gladwin and Yaquis were still puzzled.

A marriage between two forces ranked in the top ten of the Genesis Worlds was not a good sign for them, mainly because they were fighting for control.

Although they were worried and conflicted about the situation, they had no choice but to force smiles and applause together.

Suddenly, James walked over to Truett’s side and said, “Present your betrothal gifts.”

Lyla quickly walked over, carrying a tray covered with a red cloth.

James pulled the red cloth, and a gleaming ancient book appeared in sight.

The powerhouses present were instantly in shock after seeing the gift.

Gladwin’s eyes widened, and he asked, “Is that the Genesis Phoenix Art created by Flaviano Hagels, the founder of the lustus Sect? Is that the Supernatural Power that once caused a shock throughout the Tai Chi World?” Yaquis gasped, saying, ‘The Gensis Phoenix Art? That’s a valuable skill that helps with body refinements. I never expected it to reappear today.”

Mattaniah grabbed Yegor and exclaimed, ‘T-That’s our long-lost treasure, the Genesis Phoenix Art? Are you trying to give me a heart attack with these surprises?”

Yegor smiled and replied calmly, “I had nothing to do with it. These gifts are from them.”

Mattaniah was quiet as he thought to himself, ‘Who doesn’t know you have financial resources comparable to the major sects throughout the Genesis Worlds? Who else here is capable of obtaining such valuable items? You’re being too humble!’ Gladwin and Yaquis also had the same thoughts. However, apart from being envious, they began to worry about their situation.

Skynet played a vital role in their power struggle. It was also the most uncontrollable and unpredictable force in the Genesis World. Everyone wanted to win them over, but nobody could not completely gain their full support.

Now, Yegor had taken out such a precious gift as his son’s betrothal gift toward the lusus Sect. It further proved how unpredictable and mysterious Skynet was.

The two of them knew Skynet was not to be underestimated.

Xitlaly was also surprised by the valuable gift. She looked at Truett and said, “You…”

Truett leaned forward and whispered, “James gave it to me. This is just the first surprise!”

Xitlaly thought to herself, ‘The first surprise? Is there more?’ She gasped, held Truett’s hand tightly, and said, “James is too kind to US. I can’t believe he gave you such a valuable gift for you to use as a betrothal gift.”

Truett said softly, ‘The best gift was supposed to be the Tempest Scepter.

However, I had to give it to you first since it was an emergency.”

Xitlaly nodded and said, “I’m telling you, Truett. If we fail James, we deserve to have our destroyed.”

“Mhm.” Truett agreed with a nod.

James suddenly announced, “I’m sure my seniors here know about the Genesis Phoenix Art. It’s the lost treasure of the lusus Sect. Skynet’s first betrothal gift on behalf of Truett is the Genesis Phoenix Art.”

Mattaniah clapped loudly and shouted excitedly, “Okay! This is such a great blessing. Me and the lusus Sect are truly blessed.”

Then, Mattaniah clasped his hands at Yegor and said, “Words won’t be enough to express my appreciation. I will treat our relationship with sincerity and be your trustworthy ally.”

Yegor was not expecting James to credit Skynet as the gitter of such a valuable treasure. Not only did he help Truett look good, but he also greatly enhanced Skynet’s prestige and formidability.

James was incredibly unpredictable and magnanimous. Yegor could not help but feel impressed by his actions.

‘The next gift.” James waved his hand again.

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