The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6181

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6181-Rebella walked over, holding another tray with a red cloth.

The four powerhouses stretched their necks, trying to get a look.

Everyone was surprised once again after James pulled away the red cloth and revealed the gift.

Gladwin could not help exclaiming, “A divine weapon! That’s a good one! The Wisp Glow Lamp. It has an independent space and can manifest into thirty-six forms. It’s good for both offense and defense. It’s a very powerful weapon.”

Mattaniah also said surprisedly, ‘The Wisp Glow Lamp? That’s a lost artifact of our sect. I can’t believe I’m seeing it for myself.”

After speaking, Mattaniah rushed over and grabbed the Wisp Glow Lamp excitedly. The lamp emitted a colorful light in his trembling hands, and he could not contain his joy.

Yaquis, on the other hand, could not suppress his envy. He also approached the lamp and stared at it intently.

The Yaquis Sect was only second to the Timaeus Sect in the Ancient Genesis World. However, they only had about seven to eight weapons that were considered exceptional.

Yet, Truett’s bethrotal gifts to the lusus Sect already contained two legendary items. Just watching was enough to spark his jealousy and greed.

Seeing that Yaquis had already rushed over, Gladwin grabbed Yegor, who was walking down the stairs, and said, “Are you sure this is just a marriage proposal, and not a show to deliberately embarrass US?”

Yegor said smilingly, ‘This has nothing to do with me. The children are the ones that made preparations.”

Gladwin smiled and said, “You’re already being so high-profile, so why pretend to be humble? Tell me the truth, you were the one who gave them the Tempest Scepter, right? Are you trying to prove to US that Skynet is a transcendent force with unsurpassable financial stability and resources? You’re trying to warn US not to act rashly against you, huh?”

Yegor smiled, not replying to him. However, his actions simply made Gladwin more firm in his suspicion.

Watching Mattaniah hold onto the Wisp Glow Lamp so happily, James smirked.

It seemed that a few items from the Forladtt Land were enough to amaze these powerhouses.

Suddenly, Gladwin shouted, “You better put that away immediately, Mattaniah.

You should be careful of letting other people see it. Otherwise, some people might set their eyes on it and steal it. You must have your guards up against these kinds of people.”

Mattaniah immediately stared at Yaquis vigilantly, and he hugged the Wisp Glow Lamp closer to his chest.

His sublet moment made Yaquis feel extremely embarrassed and insulted.

Yaquis turned around, pointed at Gladwin, and shouted furiously, “Don’t use your thoughts and assume others think the same!”

Gladwin said sarcastically, “Oh, you must be a very good person. But once upon a time, I heard someone stole the Flaming Crepe Sword from Westoan Carlswood’s birthday banquet. His entire sect almost got wiped out back then…”

Yaquis said furiously, “So does stealing the Miene Quizberth’s Heaverguard Art, and sharing a wife with Xachary make you a better person than me?

Gladwin’s expression changed, and he shouted, “You!”

Yegor smiled and mediated, saying, “Okay, that’s enough. Let’s not mention the past. Today is a happy occasion. We can appreciate the treasures together.”

Yaquis and Gladwin glared at each other, full of hostility.

James and the others had witnessed their distasteful behavior.

Throughout the years, they had done many despicable things.

Meanwhile, Mattaniah was like a child who had found a new toy. Not only was he guarding against Yaquis, but he was being wary of everyone else.

James sneered inwardly, then waved his hand again and said, “The third gift is twenty Calidum Spiritual Fruits.”

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