The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7102

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7102-“I told you, Mr. Quentyn. Once Emperor Qadeer gives his word, he never goes back on it. Hurry and take it out.”

Watching Quintus’ seamless performance and Emperor Qadeer*s righteous facade, Quentyn took a deep breath before slowly bringing out the secondary Marauder Token that James had given him.

Emperor Qadeer’s eyes ignited with excitement the moment he laid eyes on the Marauder Token. “Mr. Quentyn, you’ve truly retrieved the token. This is fantastic news! You have no idea. Hankin was a useless fool, so-“

“Enough!” Quentyn interrupted impatiently. “Since you want it, take it. Just remember to keep your promises.”

With a flick of his wrist, the Marauder Token floated toward Emperor Qadeer.

Grasping it as though it were a priceless treasure, he turned and waved the token. A purple-golden light enveloped the Marauder Army of One Hundred Thousand Warriors, causing them to raise their weapons in unison, their killing intent surging.

Among them were the Marauder Warriors manifested by Lesia, Yianni, and Morgott. James burst into laughter as he watched the scene.

Standing beside him, Harper pouted, “That old bastard Quintus can really spin a tale. If he didn’t pursue Daoism, it would be such a waste of talent.

“That’s the mark of a clever man,” James chuckled. “A spontaneous lie like that suits Quentyn’s personality, helps him save face, and establishes loyalty in front of Emperor Qadeer. It also accomplished what I needed to be done. Kill two birds with one stone. He doesn’t offend anyone and leaves a great impression on all three sides. He’s not a simpleton.”

“Keep good men company and you shall be of the number,” Harper teased. “

Don’t you think Quintus is more cunning and devious than Quentyn?”

“It’s normal,” James replied with a smile. “In this world of deceit and strength, survival is tough for everyone. We need to allow people like Quintus to exist. He may not be loyal and is self-serving, but if you handle such people well, they can be very effective.”

Harper sneered and looked back at the screen.

Within the scene, Emperor Qadeer began issuing commands to the ten thousand Marauder Warriors he had reclaimed.

“The first Marauder Legion will be led by King Mystorin and stationed at the north gate of the temple.

“The second Marauder Legion will be led by King Yaros and guard the south gate.

“The third Marauder Legion will be led by King Zagan and guard the west gate.

“The fourth Marauder Legion will be led by King Xavianus and guard the east gate.

‘The remaining main force will be led by Dorvus Holiness, responsible for the security of the gathering.

“Remember, only allow entry. No one is allowed to leave. Kill any divine being that dares to trespass without mercy.”

With a wave of the token, the Marauder Army of One Hundred Thousand Warriors raised their weapons and shouted, “Kill! Kill! Kill!”

Witnessing this powerful display, James narrowed his eyes into slits.” Emperor Qadeer is preparing for a major purge at the gathering.”

“Kill the divine beings?” Harper was taken aback. “Will he really kill his own people?”

“Not all participants in the gathering are his loyal followers,” James replied with a smile. “Watch closely. The upcoming scene at the Qadeer Temple will be a bloodbath. Remember, don’t disturb me. I need to talk with my wife.”

As James turned away, Harper muttered under her breath, “Scoundrel, forgetting me once you have a wife.”


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