The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7103

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7103-Emperor Qadeer stood atop a high red wall in the vast Glyndor Palace, situated north of the Qadeer Temple. He surveyed the assembled divine beings from Zymurgy, who were positioned on both sides. Only the most powerful heroes and overlords of Zymurgy could enter the Glyndor Palace. Even the lowestranked among them were rulers of temples above the Fortieth Heaven. This was a gathering of the elite.

Among them, the most prominent figures were the Fourfold Emperors, the gods of the Four Seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.

Additionally, there were the five Jadron Holiness, the thirty-six Sea Emperors, the eight Kalydor Sovereigns, and the seventy-two Golden Gods, commanding eight million Soma Daeclon Rank soldiers. Each divine being displayed their

Golden Bodies, immense in size, seated on zafus, radiating purple and gold light, exuding a holy and majestic aura. Along with the temples above the Fortieth Heaven, the gathering comprised over seventy percent of the top forces of Zymurgy.

A seat remained empty to the left of Emperor Qadeer, while to his right sat Thea, honored like a distinguished guest, alongside the meritorious Quentyn and Quintus. This arrangement clearly indicated the hierarchy and order of their statuses.

“Please be seated,” Emperor Qadeer spoke. With a swish, the divine beings settled onto their zafus, the room falling into a hushed silence as they awaited his words. Scanning the assembly, Emperor Qadeer gave a faint smile.

“Since the retreat of Waitara Path, the Greater Realms have been leaderless and in chaos. Countless have defied Daoism, rebelled against it, and broken its laws. The Demonic Path and its minions constantly seek to overthrow the current order and the laws established by Waitara Path,” he sighed deeply. “In these troubled times, it is fortunate that you all have fulfilled your duties and united in purpose, allowing the Greater Realms to endure until now.”

He took a few steps with his hands behind his back, then continued with a heavy sigh, “However, I must share unfortunate news. Our Greater Realms face another great challenge and conflict, one that might even affect you all.”

At this, the gathered divine beings erupted in murmurs, many voicing their questions, while some whispered among themselves, exchanging puzzled looks. Meanwhile, Thea was engrossed in communication with James. James had explained his plan in detail to Thea, deciding how Thea, as the representative of the Wyrmscale Source, should respond.

Then, they listened to Emperor Qadeer’s lengthy, provocative speech, aimed at inciting war to seize control of the Forty-Ninth Heaven. In his highly manipulative speech, Emperor Qadeer showcased his eloquence and self-righteous demeanor. He recounted his struggles to maintain the order left by Waitara Path, his efforts to eliminate rebels, and his nearperfect enforcement of Path laws, all while subtly praising himself without explicitly taking credit.

Then, his tone shifted as he poured out his grievances to the gathered divine beings. He recounted the hardships he endured, and the suspicions and misunderstandings he faced. Dramatically, he announced his intention to resign from his position as Path Emperor, surrendering control of the Gate of Mystery, and withdrawing from the affairs of the Greater Realms to stabilize the grand scheme and ensure peace.

This act of self-pity, though unnamed, clearly targeted the elusive Lord Goyo.

Everyone knew that Emperor Qadeer was the second among the Five Path Emperors and held the Gate of Mystery. Since Lord Goyo was the first-ranked but rarely intervened in the affairs of the Greater Realms, Emperor Qadeer had become the de facto ruler, nearly capable of dictating all matters.

Throughout the Greater Realms, only Taiyi and Lord Goyo could genuinely surpass him in power. It was well known that Taiyi was his greatest supporter and would not suppress him, leaving Lord Goyo as the sole potential rival.


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