The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7104

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7104-[Amid Emperor Qadeer’s grievances and his declaration of resignation, his prearranged supporters immediately stepped forward. The first to speak was his closest confidant, Dorvus Holiness.

“Emperor, you have exhausted yourself for the peace of the Greater Realms, yet some false divine beings occupy high positions without performing their duties.

They indulge in idle cultivation, offering no benefits to the realms. Not only do they fail to contribute, but they also act high and mighty, bossing US around and finding fault. It’s intolerable!”

Growing more agitated, Dorvus bowed deeply to Emperor Qadeer.” Emperor, forgive my boldness, but the Greater Realms can do without these idle divine beings, yet we cannot do without you.”

Following his words, a large group of Emperor Qadeer*s supporters, who had been prepared in advance, stood up. They passionately called for battle, some even shouting for a fight to the death. Their fervor quickly spread throughout Glyndor Palace, leading most of the divine beings present to join in the battle cries. However, some looked bewildered, glancing at each other in confusion.

They wondered why the Wuia Integration Gathering had transformed into a platform for calls to engage in a final battle.

Inside the Gate of Mystery, James watched the intense scene on the oval screen and suddenly laughed.

“Emperor Qadeer indeed has the wisdom of Emperor Jabari, the resolve of Mr.

Franciscus, and is ambitious and cunning.” He turned to the expressionless Harper. “Harper, have you figured it out?”

Harper rolled her eyes and replied, “It’s nothing but advancing by retreating, inciting hatred to seize control of the Forty-Ninth Heaven.”

“Basically, yes. However, strategy is crucial,” James said. “Did you notice those divine beings in the scene who aren’t shouting for battle?”

Harper nodded.

James smiled. “Initially, I believed he would manipulate the commonality of being fellow living beings to incite animosity against the Alcide beings and instigate a battle for control of the Forty-Ninth Heaven. However, I underestimated him.” James shook his head. “This old fox has grander ambitions. He seeks to unite both the representatives of living beings, Quintus and Quentyn, with the Alcide beings.

“By pursuing this strategy, he secures control over seventy percent of the forces of Zymurgy, thereby gaining a significant advantage over Lord Goyo’s faction and significantly enhancing his prospects of victory.”

After hearing this, Harper narrowed her eyes into slits. “So, from the start, he never intended to regain control of the Greater Realms for the living beings but for his own grand ambition and desire for power.”

“Exactly,” James nodded with a smile. “Using the living beings as a basis for hatred would be too small-scale, as it would turn the Alcide beings, who originally supported and sympathized with him, into enemies. So, he staged this act of retreating to advance.”

Harper took a deep breath and shook her head. “This old fox is terrifying. Will these foolish divine beings really believe him?”

James chuckled and pointed at the oval screen. Harper followed his direction and furrowed her brows.

On the screen, Quintus, representing the living beings of the Greater Realms, was shouting the loudest, while Quentyn beside him had his eyes closed, his face filled with disappointment and disgust, as if on the verge of an outburst.

Meanwhile, Thea watched the heated scene with a look of amusement, her eyes sparkling mischievously.

‘There are still some smart divine beings,” James remarked with a smile.” If they show their intelligence now, it will certainly lead to their demise.”


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