The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7105

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7105-Harper hissed. “Quentyn is interesting.”

“He is indeed different from Quintus,” James said leisurely. “This man is useful.

I’ll have my wife help him.”

As he spoke, James transmitted a message to Thea.

Immediately after, Thea leaned close to Quentyn’s ear and whispered a few words. Quentyn, who had been furious, suddenly changed his attitude and began shouting and calling for action.

“What did your wife say to him?” Harper, who had been watching the situation closely, asked.

James gave a mysterious smile and replied evasively, “Next, we’ll see Emperor Qadeer putting on a show of weeping and righteous indignation. He’ll sacrifice

himself for the peace of the Greater Realms and relinquish his position as the Path Emperor.”

Harper was stunned. Just as she was about to speak, Emperor Qadeer slowly raised his hand amid the fervent shouts.

As James had predicted, Emperor Qadeer began to weep bitterly, making a great show of his misery. He persuaded the gods, as a follower of Waitara Path, that for the peace of the Greater Realms and the safety of all living beings, he was willing to sacrifice himself and let others take his place.

This retreat to advance inflamed the divine beings’ already heightened emotions, fueling their anger even more.

Especially his loyal gods, who began to guilt-trip everyone in Glyndor Palace.

Anyone who did not openly support Emperor Qadeer was either verbally attacked or physically assaulted. For a time, the entire palace was in chaos. It was filled with arguments, curses, and even fights, with divine beings killing each other.

This was a relatively bloodless internal purge. The exalted powerhouses arranged by Emperor Qadeer only executed those who opposed or did not support him. He avoided a massacre. Even so, their objective was achieved.

The surviving divine beings were deterred and forced to declare their allegiance, joining Emperor Qadeer’s faction.

Quintus, serving as the strategist, unveiled a series of plans to launch an assault on Lord Goyo’s faction. The attack plan was extensive, involving the entirety of the Forty-Ninth Heaven. However, the true objective was solely to seize the Path Designation Bead within Wuia Palace.

As for those divine beings who outwardly complied but inwardly resisted, Quintus cleverly integrated them with Emperor Qadeer’s core forces. Their ultimate fate was to be cannon fodder.

The Wuia Integration Gathering was unprecedented, with little suspense. It ended with everyone kneeling in the worship of Emperor Qadeer.

The assembly did not specify when the attack or decisive battle would occur.

However, James believed that Emperor Qadeer would only launch the attack after secretly consolidating all his forces.

After giving Thea some instructions, James closed the oval screen in front of him. Then, he slowly stood up and took a deep breath.

“Is that it?” Harper asked skeptically.

“Isn’t that enough?” James replied with a smile. “Don’t worry, the best part is yet to come. The second act is about to happen right here.”

With that, James transformed into a beam of Sword Light and shot towards the refining Emperor Yevgen and his Primordial Spirit.

“Here?” Harper thought for a moment, then nodded. “It seems Emperor Qadeer and that young lover’s appointment is almost due. The old turtle should be arriving soon.”

She also transformed into a beam of light and shot into the refining vortex.

Emperor Qadeer, accompanied by Quentyn and Quintus, invited Thea to Draethorn Palace of the Qadeer Temple.

Regarding the ambiguous stance of Thea, who represented the Wyrmscale Source, Emperor Qadeer felt it was time to clarify.

As soon as they sat down, Thea picked up her teacup and smiled before Emperor Qadeer could speak. “Emperor Qadeer, your strategy worked wonders, securing the allegiance of seventy percent of Zymurgy’s forces to your side.”

Emperor Qadeer was taken aback, and then sat down with an embarrassed smile.

“Yin… Oh, Young Lady,” Quintus spoke up. “Emperor Qadeer’s strategy was out of compassion. He wanted to avoid large-scale slaughter.”

Thea took a sip of tea, then looked up and teasingly eyed Quintus.

‘Are you a living being?”


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