The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7106

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7106-Quintus paused, then nodded with a smile.

“Human?” Thea asked again.

Quintus’ face twitched. “Young Lady, do you mean to discriminate against us living beings like those Alcide beings do? Don’t forget, your husband is also a human.”

Thea chuckled upon seeing his near outburst. “Why are you so anxious? I didn’t say anything about you being a living being or a human.”

“You…” Quintus was about to speak when Emperor Qadeer interrupted him with a wave.

He turned to Thea and asked with a smile, “Yin governor, although you are an Alcide being, you have never looked down on or bullied living beings. You have

even shown kindness to them. That’s why we treat you differently from other Alcide beings.”

“Is that so?” Thea smiled slightly. “Is that why, during the gathering, instead of stoking hatred and seeking justice for the dignity of all living beings, you put on a self-pity act?” Thea’s words cut sharply. Even Emperor Qadeer, with his thick skin and deep scheming, found it hard to maintain his composure.

Quintus frowned and asked, “Yin governor, what are you trying to say?” “Whether it’s living beings or Alcide beings, I don’t want to get involved,” Thea said as she picked up her teacup again. “I only care about my husband. When will you release him?”

Emperor Qadeer, Quintus, and Quentyn exchanged glances.

After a while, Emperor Qadeer smiled slightly as he held his teacup. “Yin governor, you should cooperate with US if you truly care about your husband.

“You are now the Young Lady of the Wyrmscale Source. If you lead the Wyrmscale Source to assist me, I can sign a soul contract with you right here, ensuring that you and your husband attain high status and enjoy the reverence of all living beings forever.

“It’s not impossible whether you want the position of Tai Chi or the Law of Paths, or even to become the supreme god of Zymurgy.”

Thea raised an eyebrow at this, but remained silent, continuing to drink her tea.

Quintus immediately chimed in, “Yin governor, the Emperor is offering such generous terms, something that many supreme beings dream of but cannot attain. Aren’t you satisfied?”

Thea looked up again. “I’ve said it before. Unless I see my husband, the Wyrmscale Source will not take action.” “You…” Quintus said.

Emperor Qadeertook a deep breath and asked solemnly, “Would you accompany me through the Gate of Mystery?”

“No way,” Thea replied.

“You’re being arrogant!” Quintus shouted angrily. “You reject everything.

What do you want?”

Thea glanced at the furious Quintus and then said calmly, “Emperor Qadeer, can you control your dog?”

“You…” Quintus started again.

“Quintus,” Emperor Qadeer interrupted once more. He turned to Thea and said, “You should know, that both you and your husband will suffer if we fail. Facing Lord Goyo’s faction alone, you stand no chance of winning.”

Thea stood up slowly and smiled. “You want to enter the Gate of Mystery, right?

Discuss it with my husband first, and then decide.”

With that, she turned to leave. At that moment, Quintus unleashed the Bohnwer Light to seal the palace door.

Thea stopped and turned back. Her expression was cold. “Do you want to use this trick on me too?”


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