The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7107

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7107-Emperor Qadeer stood with hands behind his back, turning to gaze at the impulsive moves of Quintus.

“Emperor, she knows our entire plan,” Quintus squinted and voiced his concern.

“How can we launch a sudden attack if we let her go?”

At his words, Emperor Qadeer furrowed his brow. “Yin governor, I am about to enter the Gate of Mystery to discuss with your husband. Can you wait a moment?”

Upon hearing this, Thea raised an eyebrow. “Is it waiting or detaining?”

Emperor Qadeer hesitated. “Well…”

Before he could finish, Thea turned on her heel, returning to her seat and calmly

lifting her teacup, ignoring everyone around her. This unexpected reaction left both Quintus and Quentyn momentarily stunned.

The saying goes, “When things go awry, there must be a reason.”

The Yin governor obviously had everything under control and was not afraid of being detained.

Only Emperor Qadeer knew that this lady was the most influential figure in his hands. On one hand, she was the Young Lady of the Wyrmscale Source, honored by the Divine Marius, and on the other hand, she was the woman James loved the most. She was capable of influencing these two transcendent forces. And it was these two forces that could determine the outcome of the battle of the Forty-Ninth Heaven. Subsequently, it would affect the control of the entire Greater Realms, including his grand ambitions. Thus, despite appearing isolated now, she could sway nations with just a word. Even someone as esteemed as he had to treat her with deference.

Thea smirked as she held her teacup, observing Emperor Qadeer’s dilemma.

“The three of you, do whatever you need to do. Rest assured, I won’t run away, because you’ll be begging me to leave by then.”

At this statement, Emperor Qadeer’s heart skipped a beat, while Quintus and Quentyn exchanged uncertain glances.

“No!” Quintus twitched his cheek. “Yin governor, since you entered the Qadeer Temple, I have treated you as an honored guest, never showing any disrespect, right? Why would you cause such trouble for me at this critical moment before the great battle?”

“Are you blaming me?” Thea shrugged with her teacup in hand. “Seems like you want to imprison me, don’t you?”

“No,” Emperor Qadeer hurriedly waved his hand. “You are the Young Lady of the Wyrmscale Source, an eternal guest of the Qadeer Temple. You are completely free to come and go.”

Quintus became anxious. “Emperor…”

“Enough.” Emperor Qadeer’s face suddenly turned cold. “Anyone who disrespects Yin governor is against the Qadeer Temple.”

With that, he glared at Quintus. “Quintus, lift the blockade. Don’t make things difficult for me.”

Quintus clenched his fist slowly, then waved it reluctantly. The next moment, the Bohnwer Light that had blocked Thea’s departure vanished abruptly.

Only then did Thea stand up. “Emperor, you are generous, and I appreciate your righteousness. Although we have a soul contract, I will remain neutral on behalf of the Wyrmscale Source until my husband gives his definite consent.

“However, I wish to convey a message to my husband. If the Qadeer Sect truly represents the living beings in seizing control of the Forty-Ninth Heaven and pledges to benefit all living beings upon success, I am inclined to ally with you.”

With that, Thea waved a hand, and a shimmering silver-white jade pendant floated to Emperor Qadeer. ‘This is a token from me and my husband. Seeing this jade is akin to seeing me. He will understand.”

Facing the jade pendant shimmering with silver-white light, Emperor Qadeer’s eyes gleamed as if he had found a treasure, and he grabbed it eagerly.

To him, this was not just a piece of jade. It represented the Yin governor’s attitude and the true attitude of the Wyrmscale Source and the Divine Marius.

With the Yin governor’s words and this jade pendant, even James from the Gate of Mystery would likely have an eighty percent chance of joining in.

In an instant, Emperor Qadeer seemed to see the control of the Greater Realms right before him.


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