The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7108

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7108-It would be like adding tenfold strength with the addition of James and the Divine Marius. Even the formidable Lord Goyo, leader of the Five Path Emperors, and his forces would be easily swept away.

Seeing Emperor Qadeer’s barely concealed excitement, Thea cupped her hands toward him, then turned and left. At that moment, Quintus hurried over.

“Emperor, do you really trust this woman…”

“We must trust her.” Emperor Qadeer’s expression suddenly turned cold. ” This woman can influence two great factions and determine our success or failure this time. My grand ambition rests on this moment. Hahaha!”

Quintus was stunned and hesitated to speak further. However, Quentyn turned away disdainfully, not even wanting to glance at him.

At the same time, within the Gate of Mystery, James created a shared vision with Thea through Lesia’s Supernatural Power. The scene shifted from Draethorn Palace to the void of the Qadeer Temple.

Watching the rapidly moving images, Harper squinted. “Do you really think this collaboration will ease Emperor Qadeer*s worries? It’s not that simple.”

“Of course,” James replied with a smile. “Emperor Qadeer is a cunning and suspicious guy. To ensure he fights Lord Goyo without hesitation, we must completely eliminate his concerns. Being a fisherman in this scenario is not easy.”

He suddenly flipped his hands as he spoke. In the distance, the Primordial Spirit of Emperor Yevgen, refined by the Zenthur Rank, lined up in front of him. These refined Primordial Spirits were now immensely stronger, radiating divine and majestic auras.

James only selected three of these refined Primordial Spirits. With the black, white, and gray lights of the Zenthur Rank shining, the chosen spirits transformed visibly.

One Primordial Spirit became a graceful female figure, while the other two reshaped. In a flash of dazzling light, the three transformed spirits appeared as Lesia, Morgott, and Yianni.

Seeing this, Harper covered her mouth in astonishment. “Wow, this is amazing!

They almost look real, even the aura and cultivation bases are identical. You can even create beings at the Daeclon Mahayana Rank.”

James remained silent, shaking his head in dissatisfaction at the female Primordial Spirit resembling Lesia. Although he could replicate her cultivation base, Supernatural Powers, and aura, he could not recreate the Nothingness Aura as Frona Soremsia.

If he presented the fake Lesia to Emperor Qadeer, it would be immediately detected. Realizing this, James waved his hand and merged the fake Lesia back into Emperor Yevgen’s main self.

“Why did you discard it?” Harper was surprised.

“I can’t replicate the Soremsia of a God of Creation.” James sighed. ” Rather than being exposed by Emperor Qadeer, it’s better not to create it at all.”

He then looked at the Primordial Spirits of Yianni and Morgott he had created.

“These two are nearly perfect. They will easily deceive Emperor Qadeer.”

“Why go through so much trouble?” Harper asked impatiently. “If you agree to cooperate with Emperor Qadeer, his concerns will naturally be resolved.”

“Cooperating means we have to leave the Gate of Mystery.” James glanced at Harper. “I can’t leave until I seize the source of the world within the Gate of Mystery.”

“Since you can create Morgott and Yianni, why not create yourself?” Harper smiled seductively. “Make Emperor Qadeer believe we are willing to cooperate and leave the Gate of Mystery with him. Meanwhile, your main self can remain hidden inside.

“As long as the created being doesn’t act, it won’t be exposed,” Harper added with a mischievous smile. “This way, Emperor Qadeer will be reassured and can focus on fighting Lord Goyo.

“Once they start fighting, they won’t have time for US. By the time Emperor Qadeer realizes the truth, it will be too late to stop. We’ll have succeeded as the fisherman in this situation.”

Hearing this, James turned abruptly and stared at Harper like she was a monster.

“What?” Harper was startled and took a few steps back. “You don’t want to attack me now, do you?”


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