The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7109

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7109-James stared at the panic-stricken Harper and suddenly burst into hearty laughter.

“Are you so crazy that I won’t let you touch me?” Harper pouted, then spread her arms wide. “Fine, come on then. I’ll indulge you.” She closed her eyes, seemingly prepared for anything from James. After laughing for a while, James rolled his eyes at her. “It was just when you seriously offered your suggestion that I finally saw Sophie’s shadow in you.’ Harper’s eyes shot open in surprise.

“You’re right.” James pointed at Harper excitedly. “All we need to do is to alleviate Emperor Qadeer’s worries and let him fight Lord Goyo without hesitation.

“As long as they engage in battle, it will be too late to turn back even if he discovers our trick.” James squinted slightly as he continued. “However, I won’t let him see through US that easily.”

As he spoke, James suddenly radiated a dazzling black and white light, which then fused into gray and finally turned into a purple-golden hue. In a flash, James split into two, both identical in aura and cultivation base.

Harper was stunned. “Is this a clone or a Primordial Spirit? I can’t tell which one is the main self.”

“Both are the main self,” James said simultaneously. “One is the main self of the Path at the Zenthur Rank, and the other is the main self of the Name at the Zenthur Rank.”

Harper’s eyes widened in shock.

In the next moment, one James turned into a beam of Sword Light and merged into the Nothingness Formation. He merged with the entire formation and disappeared completely.

The other James smiled at Harper and said, “For this theatrical performance, let’s use the main self of the Path. It’s a bit stronger and has all the necessary Supernatural Powers to handle the situation outside.”

Harper tiptoed closer to James and poked his arm. Then, she quickly recoiled with a gasp.

“What?” James asked impatiently.

“Oh my, it’s real flesh and blood, not a clone or a Primordial Spirit,” Harper exclaimed, covering her mouth. “How can you have two main selves?” James chuckled. “When you reach the Zenthur Rank in both Path and Name, you can have two main selves and souls.”

Harper’s eyes twinkled mischievously at this. “Does that mean one main self can stay with me, while the other stays with your wife, and no one will notice?”

James nearly stumbled at her words. He wondered what this mischievous spirit was thinking. Regardless of the number of main selves, they were all him. The main self of Path cultivated the Path, while the main self of Name could cultivate things beyond the Path. If Path and Name were seen as good and evil, the Path would be considered good and the Name would be considered evil, both under James’ control.

At that moment, Emperor Yevgen’s main self, refined and surrounded by light, finally opened his eyes. Twin beams of red light shot from his eyes as he appeared before James and knelt in the void. “Your Majesty, thank you for granting me rebirth.” “What are you doing?” James frowned. “Stand up. You are Emperor Benevolence in the Nothingness Daoism.”


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