The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7110

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7110-“How could I comprehend the benevolence of the Nothingness Daoism without this refinement?” Emperor Yevgen bowed to James. “Your Majesty, I shall always defer to you from now on…”

“Alright.” James waved his hand, a beam of light lifting Emperor Yevgen. Then, he said, “The appointed time with Emperor Qadeer is here, he should be arriving soon. Let’s perform our act well.” As his words fell, the entire Gate of Mystery suddenly shook violently, as if a catastrophe had descended. Then, the soul contract light on James’ body flashed, abruptly canceling the contract with him and Emperor Qadeer. At the same time, the temporary control of the Gate of Mystery recovered instantly, creating a perilous situation.

Amidst the myriad energies and countless substances and forces sweeping over, James waved his hand, carrying Harper, Emperor Yevgen, and the crafted Yianni and Morgott into the Nothingness Formation.

In the void outside the formation where James and the others had just been, a trace of Nothingness Dead Energy flickered, and Emperor Qadeer appeared.

With one hand behind his back, he looked towards the Nothingness Formation and revealed a sinister smile. “James Caden, our appointed time has arrived.

It’s time for you to give a response.”

Hearing this, James smiled indifferently. ‘You are indeed impatient.”

“I heard you were injured by the second hidden emperor, so I’m just concerned about you,” Emperor Qadeer chuckled. “How come you’re not even daring to come out of the Nothingness Formation now?”

James remained silent, causing a moment of silence on the scene.

With a laugh, Emperor Qadeer waved his hand and shouted, “Rest assured, I am a man of principle! I won’t take advantage of your weakness.

Moreover, we still need to cooperate to reclaim the Haleth Realm for all living beings!”

No response came from James.

“James,” Emperor Qadeer took a deep breath. “Between US, there is favor, justice, affection, and friendship. Even if there are some misunderstandings, they are insignificant.

‘You can come out with peace of mind. I’ll never harm you, let alone embarrass you. otherwise, the moment I regain control of the Gate of Mystery, you will be completely sealed here.”

James remained silent.

After waiting for a while, Emperor Qadeer frowned. “James Caden, are you trying to play dumb? I’ve given you time to consider. At this moment, you can’t hide anymore. I control the entire Gate of Mystery. Even with the Nothingness Formation protecting you, you can’t leave here without my consent.”

Watching Emperor Qadeer transition from giving orders to offering kind advice to suddenly becoming angry, James and Harper were nearly breathless from laughter. They wondered how many faces this old guy had, and which one was the real him. He changed so much. It was hard to keep track.

After laughing, Harper suddenly grabbed James and shouted at the formation, “Emperor Qadeer, you frightened us! We’re scared. How can we talk?”

At this remark, the enraged Emperor Qadeer narrowed his eyes once again.

“Harper, I kindly let you out, not to be mischievous. Help me persuade James.

We must consider the bigger picture.

“After all, he is the lord of all living beings in the myriad realms. Surely, even his followers shouldn’t be neglected?” Upon hearing this, James within the formation smiled calmly. “He seems to have forgotten how he was beaten last time. Now he’s acting all high and mighty again.”

Harper asked maliciously, “Shall we give him another beating?”

“No need forthat trouble,” James looked towards the Nothingness Formation outside. Then, he suddenly shot out two beams of black and white light from his hands, instantly transforming into two black and white dragons, charging directly at Emperor Qadeer outside the formation.


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