The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7111

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7111-Xanthakos’ expression changed from mockery to one of horror as he saw the pair of black and white dragons flying toward him.

For a split second, he sensed the danger of being trapped just like what he had experienced last time.

Xanthakos swiftly backed away and flipped his hands over. He performed multiple signature skills instantly.

However, neither the blasts of Nothingness Dead Energy nor his other signature skills were effective in stopping the dragons.

The black and white dragons simply roared and pushed forward, destroying everything in their path. With a loud shriek, Xanthakos turned around and ran off before the dragons could reach him.

It was an amusing sight to see him scurrying around with the fierce dragons chasing after him. He even had to watch out for the various attacks the dragons blasted out of their mouths aimed at him.

The dragons’ deafening roars and Xanthakos’ fearful cries echoed through the space inside the Gate of Mystery. “James, this is too much! I won’t hesitate to retaliate if you don’t stop this instant!

“Ah! Go away, you vile beasts! I am not afraid of you! I’m only holding back because of your owner!

“James, we can talk it out in a civilized way! You don’t have to do this to make a fool of me…”

Inside the Nothingness Formation, Harper and Hankin laughed their heads off at the sight before them.

James shared a few reminders with the two of them.

Then, he exited the Nothingness Formation while holding a bottle of Chaos Absinthe in his hand.

James walked over to a spot, where Xanthakos and the two dragons had just shot past, and sat down as if he was oblivious to the commotion.

He lifted the bottle and took a few gulps of the Chaos Absinthe.

“James, what is the meaning of this? What can you achieve by doing this?”

Xanthakos shouted furiously.

Xanthakos, who was one of the Five Path Emperors, was up against Lord Goyo in the run for the right to rule over all realms, yet he was losing face and dignity as he got chased around mercilessly by two dragons.

James lowered the bottle and said, “As a Path Emperor, you should be generous and benevolent. They’re chasing you because they feel a little hungry.

It will be over if you just let them take a bite. Why are you being so selfish?”

Xanthakos could not stand it anymore. He extended his arms and summoned countless Wama Lightning Bolts to form a thick, wide barrier behind him.

The black and white dragons were instantly trapped as they flew into the barrier packed densely with the Wama Lightning Bolts.

Xanthakos teleported and re-emerged before James.

“Are you not being selfish yourself? I gave you three epochs to consider things thoroughly. Yet, this is how you thank me?”

James curled his lips. “You can easily stop the dragons at any time. So, why did you let them chase you around like that just now?”

“Why you…” Xanthakos pointed at James. “Fine! Let’s get straight to the point.

What’s the verdict?”

James took another sip of the Chaos Absinthe. He asked calmly, “Are you threatening me?”

Xanthakos’ eyes bulged. “I… You…”

“Alright. I get it.” James grinned and waved his hand dismissively. “Did you come here alone?” A slight frown drew Xanthakos’ brows together. “Uh… What do you mean?”

“What about your son?” James raised his brows.

“Aren’t you planning to become in-laws with me? Shouldn’t Youcef be here to give me, his future father-in-law, a formal greeting? Where are your manners?”

“I…” Xanthakos was at a loss for what to say.

“Youcef already passed on the things I asked him to bring to you, right?” James cast Xanthakos a meaningful glance. “I’ll make myself clear now. That’s the prerequisite condition for the marriage to happen. I want my daughter to meet her future mother-in-law if it’s possible. If you can’t even do that, then there is no point in US having the marriage discussion.”

Xanthakos opened his mouth but could not find the right words to say.

He suddenly realized he seemed to have somehow missed out on an opportunity.

At the same time, it felt as though he had never once gotten close enough to grab onto any opportunity.

“You can go back now.” James let out a sigh. “Bring your son and your wife along to have the marriage discussion with me next time.”


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