The Divine Urban Physician – Chapter 626

Chapter 626: Shocking The Heavens!

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During the five years in the Kunlun Mountains, the old man had indeed taught him some formations, but these were superficial, and could barely even be called formations.

Five years later, the Samsara Graveyard opened, and Ye Chen was fortunate enough to become Ping Canghai’s disciple, and then he learnt the Dao of Spiritual Talismans.

The Dao of Spiritual Talismans could even be said to be the ancestor of the art of formations!

At this moment, Ye Chen’s understanding of formations was no longer the same as before, and his attainments in the field far surpassed most of the people in the Kunlun Mountains!

Ten Killing Formation? Hmph!

Not only did he understand formations, but he also walked the path of slaughter!

Today, he would teach the people of the Blood Alliance the meaning of fear!

Ye Chen’s fingers quickly formed a seal, and his body began to exude red light. Countless scarlet runes manifested themselves, and dense killing intent submerged the surroundings.

At this moment, the formation appeared, and the sword intent that filled the sky dissipated.

The ten Blood Alliance experts’ expressions changed drastically. They had never expected Ye Chen to actually know formations!

Although they did not know what kind of formation Ye Chen was establishing, it was no longer important, as it had overwhelmed their own.

The ten of them looked at each other and could no longer remain calm. One of them hurriedly said, “Use our blood essence! This kid is a little strange. If we let him establish this formation, well all be in danger!”

They did not hesitate anymore and shot out their blood essence!

Ten drops of blood essence gathered together, causing the air to tremble, and their auras began to rise continuously!


The ten of them roared in anger. They gripped the swords in their hands tightly and charged at Ye Chen, releasing their attacks frantically. The sword qi transformed into an inescapable net that enveloped Ye Chen!

If they succeeded, Ye Chen would be slain before his powerful formation took effect.

Suddenly, Ye Chen opened his eyes, which were glowing with bloodthirst.

“Heaven and Earth Killing Formation, activate!”

Ye Chen’s hand that was forming hand seals suddenly stopped.

Then, he pointed with his finger and the tribulation lightning from the life rune erupted!

Lightning surrounded him, and dark clouds covered the sky.

It was as if doomsday had arrived!

The only source of light was Ye Chen, who was surrounded by lightning!

All of a sudden, the overflowing lightning gathered and transformed into a lightning sword, which then flew into the sky, piercing the thunderclouds!

When the ten people saw this scene, although they were shocked in their hearts, they still heaved a sigh of relief.

If the lightning sword had targeted them, they would have to pay a huge price to block it!

However, their relief did not last long, as the thunderclouds in the sky suddenly began to churn.

Then, a huge lightning sword descended!

Every hundred meters it fell, it would expand by ten times!

Soon, the huge sword was hundreds of feet long and was heading toward them!

“This… how is this possible!”

The ten experts were stunned! They had never seen such a technique in the Kunlun Mountains!

There was no record of it in the ancient books either!

At this moment, the thought of resisting did not even occur to them. All they wanted to do was escape!

How could this kid possibly erupt with such power?

Was this really a f*cking immortal ascension realm expert? Even a peak-level transcendent realm formation master might not be capable of something like this!

When they looked at the descending lightning sword, they even felt that they were not facing a sword, but a violent lightning dragon that looked down on all living beings!

Faced with such a terrifying attack, they were but mere ants!


In an instant, the lightning swords descended and suppressed everything. Cracks and craters began to form all over the airport.


What qualifications did those ten experts have to stop this sword? None!

Their bodies shattered!

Ten experts fell to the might of the lightning sword!

At this moment, Lei Jianyun, who was watching the battle from afar, was completely confused. He realized that not only was Ye Chen’s strength far superior to anyone in the same cultivation realm, but that this kid was even proficient in the field of formations!

There was only one person who could be compared to such a monstrous person, which was Ye Shitian!

Now, he completely believed that Ye Shitian and Ye Chen knew each other. This was the only logical explanation!

Fortunately, Ye Chen’s strength was at most at the peak of the transcendent realm. Compared to Ye Shitian, who had suppressed everyone in the branch of Yibao Pavilion that day, this kid’s strength was still manageable.

If he attacked now, Ye Chen would not last more than three moves.

However, Lei Jianyun knew he had no chance of winning against Ye Shitian. This was one of the reasons why he had brought so many experts with him.

At the same time, Ye Chen panted lightly as he looked at the cracks and craters around him.

Using the formation was also very taxing, and at this moment, one-third of the true qi in his dantian had already been consumed.

Before he could even catch his breath, a purple figure quickly rushed over!

It was Elder Zheng!

Although Elder Zheng’s injuries had not fully recovered, and he should not have attacked, when he saw Ye Chen’s strength in person, he was shocked, and panicked.

He knew that he had to take down Ye Chen at all costs!

The sword in his hand erupted, and flames surged out, like a fire dragon wanting to devour everything!

Its terrifying power and violent aura was like a giant beast from hell, unstoppable!

“Little b*stard, you should feel honored to die by my sword!”

Ye Chen’s eyes narrowed as he drew the Soul Suppressing Sword!

He wanted to use the Dragonslayer Heaven Sword, but it was a pity that the sword was still being refined and needed time.

However, judging from the Immortal Lord’s condition, it was almost time. When this sword appeared, it would be time to suppress his enemies!

“Myriad Swords techniques! Break!”

Ye Chen roared angrily. His sword flashed as it tore through the air!


Two powerful forces suddenly collided, creating powerful shockwaves that swept out in every direction.

Ye Chen could clearly feel how terrifying Elder Zheng’s sword strike was. Was this Elder Zheng’s true strength?

He took a few steps back, but Elder Zheng did not move at all!

“Hmph!” Elder Zheng snorted coldly.

“Little b*stard, you’re a trapped beast today. No matter how many tricks you have this time, it won’t change the fact that you’re doomed!’”‘

“Today, 1’11 let you experience my famous sword strike! Blood Door’s Spirit-slayer Sword!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Elder Zheng’s sword rushed out. It was as if the gates of hell had quietly opened!

As long as Ye Chen took a step forward, he would fall into the abyss of death!

He even felt that the true qi in his dantian had been restrained under the pressure of this attack, and he could see ferocious faces appearing from the depths of the abyss.

The Blood Door’s Spirit-slayer Sword was getting closer and closer, and it looked like it was about to pierce Ye Chen’s body…

Suddenly, Ye Chen moved!

“Blood Door’s Spirit-slayer Sword? If your Blood Alliance can slay spirits, then I can slay the heavens!”

He took a step forward, and everything around him turned bleak.

“Myriad Swords Return!”

These words were like a stone that stirred up a thousand waves!

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