Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1000 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1000

“After spending half an hour in the house, the most I gained was a name card.” Elisa laughed.

“That sounds about right.

Everyone is in it for profit.

Who would want to care about you if there was nothing to gain? What do you want to eat? I’ll go get you some food.” “I saw some delicate pastries earlier.

They look delicious.

Bring some for me.

I ate a little at the store, so I’m not that hungry.” Serenity had a sweet tooth and wanted to try some of the exquisite snacks.

Enter title… In the past, when she accompanied Jasmine and Aunt Rachel to parties, Jasmine and she would just hide in the corner to eat and drink.

She liked the pastries the most.

They were always much better than the ones she got from stores.

“Sure.” Elisa placed her glass of red wine on the small table in front of her and got up to help Serenity get food.

A while later, she returned empty-handed, but she was followed by two maids working for the Dowlings.

The maids held trays with the food that Elisa had picked out for Serenity and herself.

“Leave them here for me, thanks.” The two maids put down the trays, excused themselves, and turned around to serve the others.

The two cousins hid in the corner, eating and drinking.

No one dared come over to disturb them either, mainly because Elisa had a bad temper.

She would not show any respect if a person she did not look favorably upon approached her, and no one could afford to be humiliated on an occasion like this.

“Seren.” Elisa suddenly nudged Serenity and gestured for her to look at a girl who was standing in another corner.

The girl fetched a packet of something from her delicate purse and poured it into her glass of wine.

Then, she turned around and walked back into the crowd as if nothing had happened.

She did not notice Elisa and Serenity the entire time, so she did not know that her movements were being watched.

“What did she add to the drink?” Elisa said, “Probably some kind of drug.

It’ll dissolve in the wine, and the taste of wine will cover it up, so the person drinking it won’t be able to tell that it was spiked.

I wonder who her target is.

She must be trying to incur the Dowlings’ wrath by doing something like this at Ms.

Dowling’s birthday party.” “I think we bumped into her when we first arrived.

Her last name is Newman, right?” “I don’t remember.

I never bother with people like them.

I only came tonight to accompany you, otherwise my mom and I wouldn’t have shown up.” She was doing it all for Serenity.

Serenity laughed.

“I’ll knit you some small animals when I have the time.

What animals do you want? I’ll gift them to you.” “I want all of the twelve zodiac signs.” “Sure.

Give me some time and I’ll send them to you after I’m done.

But make sure not to show them off.

Zachary is a petty person and will get jealous.” Zachary was jealous by nature.

Elisa laughed.

“Just be happy with what you got.

You don’t know how many people want to experience his domineering side.” “Yeah, yeah, I’m happy with what I have now.

“I wonder who Ms.

Newman will give that cup of wine to.”


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