Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1002 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1002

Mrs. Newman was talking to a few ladies not far away.

She was aware of what her two daughters were doing, but she did not move and continued to chat calmly with the others.

Camryn was silent for a long time before asking her sister, ‘You’ll pay for the flowers after I drink this?” ‘There are so many people around to testify.

As long as you drink the wine, I’ll give you one grand.” “Fine.” Enter title… Camryn brought the glass close to her lips and was just about to drink it.

Suddenly, a hand reached out and snatched the glass away.

“Don’t drink it.” It was an unfamiliar voice.

Camryn identified the other party’s location through her voice and turned her head to face the stranger with a puzzled expression.

The person who snatched away her glass of wine was Serenity.

Other people were just watching the show, but Serenity could not simply stand by because she knew that Carrie had spiked the wine.

It was clear that Carrie had bad intentions.

Who knew what would happen to Camryn if she drank it? It would be fine if Serenity did not know that Camryn was the wife candidate who Grandma May picked out for Callum, but since she knew, she had to step in and protect Camryn.

‘This has nothing to do with you, Ms.

Hunt.” Carrie’s expression darkened when she saw that it was Serenity.

She was not willing to call Serenity Mrs. York because it made her feel that she was inferior to a country bumpkin.

“I saw Ms.

Carrie drug this glass of wine earlier.” The person who said this was not Serenity, but Elisa.

Elisa did not know why Serenity was meddling, but since the latter made a move, she did not lag behind and interjected as well.

She did not care about someone of Carrie’s status.

She directly exposed Carrie’s plot.


Stone, you can put whatever you want into your mouth, but you should be more mindful of what comes out of it.

Which eye of yours saw that I drugged the wine?” Elisa raised her chin and said arrogantly, “I have two eyes.

I saw it with both of them.” ‘You-” Elisa took the glass from Serenity’s hand and handed it back to Carrie.

‘ This is your wine, Ms.


You should drink it yourself.” “Ms.

Stone, this is between me and her.

I suggest you and Ms.

Hunt stay out of it.” Carrie was spoiled by her family and was quite stubborn.

She was not afraid of Elisa at all.

She even leaned into Elisa’s ear and whispered, “Ms.

Stone, other people might be scared of you, but I’m not.” Then, she straightened up and handed the wine glass to Camryn again.

Her eyes looked askance provocatively at Elisa and Serenity, but her words were directed toward Camryn.

‘You can’t leave unless you drink this wine.

Even if someone helps you to leave now, I can still make you drink it later, so drink it now!” Camryn bit her lower lip.

She believed what Elisa said.

Her sister must have drugged the wine.

Forcing her to drink it was a deliberate attempt to make her look bad in front of everyone.

She already tried to reduce her presence in the Newman family, but Carrie still targeted her.

They shared the same mother, but not only did Carrie not treat her like a sister, she had always tried to cause trouble for her.

“I said, drink it!” Carrie was extremely arrogant.


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