Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1003 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1003

Carrie was provoking Elisa and Serenity.

They could help Camryn now, but could they help her forever? Carrie could wreck Camryn’s flower shop any time she wanted, and Camryn would not dare to do anything about it.

Camryn was not stupid.

She would not drink the glass of wine after Elisa said that it was drugged.

“I’ll give these flowers to you as a gift.

You don’t have to pay.” Enter title… Then, she faced Elisa and Serenity and thanked them.

There was a hint of gratitude in her normally indifferent tone.

“Camryn Newman, I asked you to drink the wine!” Carrie felt that her plan was about to fail.

When Camryn turned to leave, she reached out and grabbed Camryn, pulling her sister toward her.

She grabbed Camryn’s chin with one hand, pinched it forcefully, and was just about to pour the glass of wine into her throat.

Serenity and Elisa moved at the same time.

Serenity easily reversed the situation with her kickboxing skills.

She not only rescued Camryn from Carrie’s grip but also grasped Carrie’s chin.

Meanwhile, Elisa grabbed the wine glass and poured it into Carrie’s mouth.

Carrie struggled desperately but still ended up swallowing a few gulps of the wine.

Serenity only let her go after she swallowed.

Elisa tossed the glass to the side, where it shattered on the ground.

The loud noise alerted even Mrs. Newman, who was still calmly chatting with others.

She immediately came over when she found out that her younger daughter was at a disadvantage.

“M-Mom, let’s go back.

I want to go back now.” Carrie knew very well what kind of drug she added to the wine and what the consequences were after drinking it.

She did not want to undress in front of so many people and make a fool of herself.

She prepared the drug for Camryn, but because of Elisa and Serenity’s interference, she ended up drinking it instead.

She was anxious to leave before the drug kicked in.

“What’s wrong, Carrie?” Mrs. Newman asked anxiously.

When she saw Camryn standing by the side, she glared at her and questioned in a stern voice, “What did you do to your sister, Camryn?” “I didn’t do anything to her.” Camryn’s expression turned cold at her mother’s questioning.

It seemed that the relationship between them was not the best either.

“Mom, it’s so hot.

I want to take off my clothes…” Carrie was still sober, but she felt hot as the drug started to kick in.

She started tugging the evening gown she was wearing.

Mrs. Newman instantly understood what was happening.

She hurriedly embraced Carrie and swung her hand at Camryn.

Serenity pulled Camryn away, so Mrs. Newman did not manage to hit her.

“Mrs. York, this is a family matter.

Please don’t meddle.” Serenity said innocently, “I already did.” What could she do? She could only continue to meddle.

“Mrs. Newman, isn’t she your daughter too? You’re not even going to ask what happened? I saw everything that happened.

Your younger daughter drugged a glass of wine and tried to force her elder sister to drink it.

“She reaps what she sows!” Mrs. Newman snapped, “Even so, that’s between the sisters.

I advise you to stay out of it! Who do you think you are? You’re just a country bumpkin.

Do you think you’re really some missus just because that’s what other people call you?” Serenity had a vague smile.

“So what if I’m a country bumpkin? That has nothing to do with you too.

I don’t need other people to call me missus either, but as long as my husband is Mr. York, I’m Mrs. York! “I might not want to meddle in other people’s affairs, but I think I’ll meddle in Camryn’s.

Mrs. Newman, I don’t care who you are either.

I dare you to touch a single hair on Camryn’s head after going back tonight!” Serenity’s eyes were cold as she glared at Mrs. Newman.

‘You-!” Mrs. Newman was so angry that her face turned scarlet.


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