Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1005 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1005

“Aren’t you going to ask who I offended?” Zachary looked at her and said, “There’s no need to.

No matter who you offend, I’ll always be on your side.” In his eyes, his wife was always right.

Serenity muttered, “Zachary, you’ll spoil me rotten if you trust me like this.” “That’s exactly what I’m trying to do.

I’ll spoil you so rotten that no one else can stand you.

That way, you’ll always be mine.

No one will try to steal you away.” Enter title… Serenity could not help but laugh.

“Who would dare steal me away after knowing that I’m your wife?” Shawn had been secretly in love with her for many years and did not give up even after finding out that she was married.

He hoped that she could still marry him after she divorced her husband.

However, when his mother told him that Serenity’s husband was Zachary York, the heir of the York family, Shawn finally gave up.

Last time, Shawn took advantage of a long weekend to hastily return to Wiltspoon.

Rachel invited Jasmine and her family for dinner, and they got together with Shawn as well.

Jasmine said that Shawn had matured a lot, but he had become much quieter.

He did not talk much after greeting everyone.

She said that he must still love Serenity, but he knew that he could not compete with Zachary.

He did not dare compete with Zachary either since Zachary had made a move against Lowe Lowe Enterprise when he tried to pester Serenity.

No matter how love-addled Shawn’s brain was, he did not dare gamble with his family business.

He could not afford to gamble, and he could not afford to lose.

He could only force himself to cut off his feelings.

Before he left Wiltspoon to go back to work in Havenmill, he told Jasmine that he would probably not fall in love and get married for the next ten years.

Jasmine’s heart ached for her cousin, but she could only comfort him.

With her character, she could not help her cousin to pursue Serenity and destroy Serenity’s marital happiness.

Furthermore, Zachary was now in love with Serenity and treated her exceedingly well.

For Serenity, Zachary bowed to Elisa and even acknowledged Elisa as his cousin-in-law.

Even if he did not fall in love with Serenity, they were still a legal couple.

Jasmine was not willing to let her cousin interfere in her best friend’s marriage.

He would become a homewrecker.

The Sox family did not have homewreckers as relatives.

‘There’s no one for now, but I’m afraid you’ll attract a love rival as good as I am as you get better and better in the future.” Serenity laughed.

“I won’t be better than you no matter how hard I try.

Besides, there’s a world of difference between us.

Even if I wanted to flatter myself, there’s no way I could attract a love rival on your level.

Everyone in Wiltspoon now knows that I’m your wife.

“Many people haven’t seen me before, but they know my name.

As soon as they hear the name Serenity Hunt, no one will dare try and steal me away.” The couple talked as they walked.

They strolled for a while before arriving at their block.

They rode the elevator to the eighth floor and returned to their small home.

The house lights were lit, and the TV was also on.

Zachary must have been watching TV while waiting for her to return.

“Where’s Mrs. Lane?” “She’s not here.

I’m not in a hurry to call her back.” He wanted to spend some time with her alone first.

After entering the house, Zachary quickly took Serenity’s indoor slippers from the shoe rack and asked her to change out of her stilettos.

Serenity sighed comfortably after changing into the slippers.

“Slippers are the best.” “If you’re not used to wearing high heels, just wear flats in the future.

You’re already quite tall.

You’ll still be taller than others without wearing heels.” Zachary did not want his beloved wife to torture her feet.


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