Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1008 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1008

“Waters run deep in wealthy families.

They can do anything for the sake of their interests, but don’t worry, Seren.

Our family isn’t like that.

Even if I paid someone in our family to take my spot as the head, they wouldn’t want to.” Serenity believed in Zachary’s words.

She met her in-laws several times.

Whether it was her elders or peers, they were all good people.

The only person who was a little prejudiced against her and was not satisfied with her was her mother-in-law, but the latter still did not do anything to harm her.

Enter title… When she was angry at Zachary, her mother-in-law accompanied Grandma May to apologize to her instead of taking the opportunity to tell Zachary to divorce her.

Perhaps to Tania, although she cared about what her daughter-in-law’s background was, her son’s feelings and happiness were more important than that.

“Mrs. Newman was glaring at me like she was trying to kill me.

I wonder if she’ll badmouth me to her husband when she goes home.

Zachary, is the Newman family powerful? Did I cause trouble for you by offending Mrs. Newman and her daughter?” Zachary finished massaging her legs and sat down beside her.

He reached out to wrap an arm around her shoulder, took her into his arms, and said arrogantly, “Not to blow my own trumpet, but besides your aunt’s family, there’s no other family in Wiltspoon that can compete with the York family.

“If push comes to shove, even your aunt’s family is no match for the Yorks.

The York family is large, united, and has connections with many other families.

Being an enemy of the York family is the same as being the enemy of several powerful families at the same time.

“The Newmans are nothing.

They don’t run their business in Wiltspoon either.

Wiltspoon is just where they founded their company, but I didn’t look down on them and investigated them before.

They have around a billion worth of assets, but their family has always been low-key.

“If not for Mrs. Newman marrying her brother-in-law just a hundred days after her husband’s death, no one would have remembered that the Newman family existed.” The Newmans probably could not keep a low profile anymore even if they wanted to because of an unruly daughter like Carrie.

What happened tonight at the Dowling family banquet had most likely spread across Wiltspoon’s high society.

Serenity thought about how the people at the banquet simply watched on coldly, and how it seemed they were all used to the scene.

Carrie must have bullied Camryn many times before.

Camryn said that her family had never really one-upped her before.

Only then was Serenity relieved and let her go.

Even if Elisa and she did not meddle tonight, she believed that Camryn would be able to get out of the situation.

“You’re quite well-informed.” Zachary kissed her on the cheek and said warmly, “I have to watch out in my position in case a strong enemy suddenly appears and eliminates me before I can act.

That’s why I always have to scope out my territory for potentially strong enemies.

“Even if I’m not able to let York Corporation flourish in my hands, I have to at least maintain its standing.

Fortunately, I haven’t disappointed my elder’s expectations in that regard.

York Corporation is doing well under me.” It was doing much better than when it was in his father’s hands.

What he wanted to do was to pick an heir early and cultivate that heir with care.

When the heir was able to take over, he would learn from his father and retire early to live a sweet life with his wife.

Unfortunately, there was no one from the next generation yet.

His nana was still counting on them to have a child early.

Zachary wanted to be a father now.

He wanted a child as cute as Sonny.

It did not matter if the baby was a girl or a boy.

As long as they belonged to Seren and him, he would love them all the same.


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