Married at First Sight Chapter 2021 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2021 by desirenovel-“Did you tell your aunt?” Zachary asked her.

“That’s right, I went to see my aunt mainly to talk about this matter. My aunt doesn’t remember her childhood very clearly. She only remembers that her family was in a good condition when she was a child. She said that everyone called her Miss.

She said that her mother was very busy, and it was her grandfather who accompanied her and my mother. It also said that her grandparents did not dislike her mother for giving birth to two daughters, but were very happy.

From what my aunt remembers, my aunt is 95% likely to be the daughter of the previous head of the Farrell family.”

Zachary said: “The surname Farrell is rare, and my aunt’s surname is Farrell, which is easily associated with the Farrell family in Jensburg. Now it seems that our guesses are all right.”

After a moment of silence, Serenity said: “Auntie was a little confused, she said she wanted to be quiet, and called her uncle and cousin back, and Auntie said she still had to go Investigate to see if it is her natal family.”

If so, there would be a new fight.

Serenity: “I told my aunt that if she needs help, so let us know.”

Zachary said, “It’s not difficult to find out the news, but the hard part is how to prove that the rumors are true.”

Everyone said that the head of the Farrell family killed the elder sister and the younger sister, Even the elder sister’s in-law’s family didn’t let her go, she was too cruel, but it was just heard, who has evidence to prove that it is the head of the Farrell family?

Decades had passed, and even if someone knew about it, they would have passed away long ago.

How could the head of the Farrell family leave someone who knew?

“I believe that there is always a gap in a hundred secrets. There must be loopholes, waiting to be discovered.”

Serenity was convinced that evil could never triumph, and that justice would arrive late but not absent. It would definitely come to be found if Matriarch Farrell did something like that.

Paper cannot contain fire, and when the fire burns that layer of paper, everything will be revealed to the world.

“I’ll tell Josh, please help Julian.”

Zachary mentioned Julian, and Serenity said: “You don’t mention Julian, I would have forgotten about it. Julian told Elisa that he was pursuing Elisa, but he definitely didn’t like Elisa, I don’t know what’s going on.”

“Elisa is always thinking about how she offended Julian, and Julian will punish her like this. Let Mr. Bucham know, and he will definitely go to Auntie’s house to propose marriage.”

Zachary’s eyes flickered.

Why did Julian suddenly pursue Elisa, well, it was Zachary’s ghost idea.

It was he who gave advice to his cousin and asked him to go to Julian for help.

He didn’t know how his cousin persuaded Julian to help, but this matter definitely happened because of Andrew, and it was he who said that Andrew would go to Julian.

“Julian, um, maybe he’s just bored. If there’s something for him to do, he won’t pursue Elisa anymore. Auntie’s life experience is easy to verify, but the evidence that Matriarch Farrell killed the eldest sister, it’s hard to find.

It’s a challenge for Julian. He will devote himself to the challenge, so that Elisa can breathe a sigh of relief.”

Serenity looked at him.

Knowing a husband was better than a wife.

Zachary’s eyes dodged, and he paused in his speech, which made Serenity aware of his strangeness.

“Serenity, what are you doing looking at me like this? Do you think I’m becoming more and more manly?”

Serenity wrapped her arms around his neck, exhaling like blue, “Honey, tell me the truth. Does Julian’s pursuit of Elisa have anything to do with you?”

Zachary: “How could it have something to do with me? I know that Remy and Elisa are in love, but I still let Julian intervene? Besides, I-I don’t have the ability to let Julian step in.”


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