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Married at First Sight Chapter 2685-Serenity didn’t let Sonny get into the habit of asking for permission to go out and play. She made it clear to him that it was only permitted once and that he could not request leave for fun again in the future.

This time, for the sake of Titus’s rare visit and because Titus’s only friend in Wiltspoon was Sonny, Serenity could ask Sonny to take a day off.

Sonny spoke silently repeatedly and promised that it would only be this time; there would be no next time.

Titus also said, “Auntie Hunt, I will wait until summer vacation or winter vacation before coming over next time, so that everyone doesn’t have to ask for leave.”

“Auntie, please tell my mother now, okay?” Sonny really wanted to implement the request for leave as soon as possible.

This way, he could play happily.

Serenity looked at Zachary, and Zachary looked away with a guilty conscience. Serenity complained about her husband in her heart and pushed Sonny to her.

“All right.”

Serenity had no choice but to call Liberty. After Liberty answered the phone, Serenity said, “Sister, Sonny has something to tell you.”

With that said, Serenity handed the phone to Sonny and said, “Sonny, tell your mother.”

Sonny took the phone and told Liberty why he wanted to take leave.

After Liberty said the same thing as Serenity, she agreed to Sonny taking a day off to spend time with his little friend, Titus, from afar.

Sonny was happy then. After returning the phone to Serenity, he was so happy that he jumped up and down with Titus. He even got into a martial arts competition and said to Titus, “Titus, I’ve been practicing seriously recently. Come, let’s make some gestures.”

Titus said confidently, “You will lose to me. Don’t be angry when you lose to me.”

During the summer vacation, when the two of them were playing around, Sonny always lost to him, and then Sonny looked very unhappy.

Titus’s memory was still fresh.

Jane said that Titus didn’t know how to be polite to Sonny, saying that Sonny was a guest from afar.

Titus didn’t know how to give in, and he hadn’t learned how to control himself freely, so he used all his strength when he made a move.

Sonny said, “I’m not angry; I promise not to be angry.”

The two little guys started gesticulating.

Serenity said hello to Ben and asked about Jane. Knowing that Jane was taking care of her baby, she said, “I’ll go over to see her later. It’s a rare visit, and you didn’t tell me in advance. Come on, you don’t need to make a trip early in the morning.”

Ben said, “The two little children played until very late last night and went to bed. Jane is probably still catching up on her sleep.”

Serenity said, “I understand. It will be fine when the two little children are older. Now it is easy to reverse day and night. When you want to sleep, they don’t. When they sleep, you have no time to sleep.”

Serenity looked at the two little guys competing again. When she saw it, she laughed and said, “Sonny can’t even make three moves in Titus’s hands.”

Zachary answered, “Titus’s master is different. Sonny learned martial arts in a regular martial arts school, and his progress is not that fast. The original intention was for Sonny to strengthen his body. After learning martial arts from Sonny, does he have a cold? All missing?”

She wouldn’t know it if Zachary didn’t mention it, but after mentioning it, Serenity realized that this was really the case.

Ben saw Sonny pouting and looking very unhappy and said to Titus, “Titus, you have to give way to Sonny.”

Titus replied, “Mama Murphy said that when Sonny comes to our house and he is a guest, I have to let Sonny go. But now that I am coming to Sonny’s place, I am the guest. Sonny should let me go. I didn’t let Sonny give in to me, but Sonny still lost. What does it have to do with me?”

Serenity said to her nephew, “Sonny, face your failure bravely. You and Titus are just having fun. Just be happy and don’t care about winning or losing.”

Titus took out two candies from his trouser pocket. He handed one candy to Sonny and said to Sonny, “I promised you not to be angry. Sonny, here are the candies. Mama Murphy won’t let me eat so much candy. I secretly hid it in my trouser pocket. I brought it here specially to share it with you. “

Sonny took the candy and said, “I’m not angry. You all saw it wrong. I’m not angry.”


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