Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1019 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1019

“Serenity is now the wife of the richest man. Why would she want the house? That’s a bit greedy.”

Some people were of the opinion that Serenity should not fight for the house.

Someone immediately came to Serenity’s defense. “She should fight for the house after what her grandparents did to her and her sister. Why should John get the house for free?”

“I thought John is Scott’s adopted son?”

Scott’s name was only known among the seniors and Scott’s generation. The younger generation would not know who Scott, Serenity, or Liberty was.

Well, the Hunts were the main reason for that. They went so far as to stop Serenity and her sister from coming back to town. The Hunt family even relocated Scott’s and Lisa’s graves without letting the sisters know. Serenity and Liberty could not even visit their parents‘ graves even if they wanted to.

The last time Serenity came back, the Hunts were not home.

She ended up having a chat with her fellow townspeople.

Mrs. Deli jumped in, “Scott and Lisa never mentioned adopting John when they were alive. The adoption only came about after they died, and the Hunt family kicked Scott and Lisa’s daughters out. The Hunt family is clearly trying to take possession of Scott’s property. Did the adoption papers even go through?”

“Why is John calling Chris Dad if he is Scott’s adopted son? Chris should be his uncle then.”

Everybody was at a loss for words.

They were cognizant that Old Mr. and Mrs. Hunt’s favorite golden offspring was their grandson, John because the boy was the most capable of all. Even though John came back once a year to visit the old folks, they doted on their grandson.

Old Mr. and Mrs. Hunt occupied Scott’s house, vacant residential land, and farmland to give to John.

John had a younger brother. Old Mr. Hunt said that he would have Serenity’s family home demolished and combined with the empty land next to it to build a villa. That way, John and his brother would not have to fight over a house.

“John has been diligent to visit Scott’s and Lisa’s graves every day. He has done his duty as a son, so he has the right to Scott’s inheritance. Serenity and Liberty have married into other families. They have their own families now, so why come back and fight for the inheritance?”

Old Mrs. Hunt was making a huge fuss.

Walking behind the crowd, Serenity, Liberty, and their entourage heard Old Mrs. Hunt, and everything became clear to them. There was a reason the Hunts relocated Scott’s and Lisa’s graves without telling the sisters.

It was so John could fulfill his obligation as a “son” and earn the right to inherit their parents‘ inheritance.

“Tell me. Doesn’t the inheritance go to the sons? Did your married daughters fight your sons for their shares of the inheritance?”

Old Mrs. Hunt questioned the onlooking townspeople.

The town the Hunt family lived in had a local custom of leaving the family possession to the sons as the sons were the primary carers of their elders. The daughters would only drop in for a visit every so often. Those without sons could have their sons–in–law take their family name, but it was a less favorable move.

Some people would somehow see their nephews as immediate family and rather bequeath the family fortune to their nephews than their daughters.

The jokes were on them as these nephews could not care less when age got the better of the elders. The seniors would still end up in their daughters‘ care.

These nephews believed the seniors had daughters who could take care of them.

This was what happened to parents who saw their nephews as family and daughters as outsiders.

Of course, many families blessed with only daughters managed to break free from the feudal system, leaving all inheritance to their daughters. They even sorted out their wills early on to make sure their daughters were covered for life.

Some people were just different.


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