Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1022 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1022

Unfortunately, Old Mrs. Hunt was only an old woman. She could not break free from the two bodyguards that were holding her.

The two bodyguards did not harm her and only took her away.

When the other members of the Hunts saw what was happening, they quickly rushed over. Nonetheless, both the Yorks‘ and Stones‘ security teams also moved forward simultaneously to block them out, disallowing them from getting close.

“They hit me, they hit me!”

Seeing as they were outnumbered, Old Mrs. Hunt plopped to the ground as soon as her feet touched the earth. She slapped her thigh while shouting that she was being hit.

Despite that, the people in town only gathered to watch and did not get close.

Someone was also taking videos of them.

The crowd could see the truth for themselves. They saw clearly that the people brought by Serenity only carried Old Mrs. Hunt away and did not hurt her at all.

Old Mrs. Hunt was probably trying to blame the other party.

The person recording the video thought he ought to film the whole thing so when Old Mrs. Hunt and her family tried to distort the truth later on, he would release the video for everyone to see. This was so they could avoid what happened last year, where things were turned upside down and two orphans were harmed.

Under Serenity’s command, truckloads of bricks, sand, and gravel were dumped in front of her house’s open space.

In actuality, Serenity knew once they were to leave town, the outrageous people in her hometown would move the building materials away. It would not matter regardless–she was only using this to kick off her fight for the house.

“Quick, call your granddad and the others.”

Old Mrs. Hunt slapped her thigh so hard that it turned red, but no one in town stood up for her. She stopped slapping her thigh and got up from the ground. While patting the mud and dust off her pants, she shouted at her grandchildren.

She asked them to call their husbands, as well as her eldest sons and grandsons to hurry home.

In their big family, Old Mrs. Hunt’s eldest two grandsons were the most powerful.

Noah was in the crowd. He wanted to step forward but remembered how powerful Serenity was, so he stopped in his tracks and did not dare rush to the fore.

Besides, Serenity came prepared today. Zachary’s bodyguards were all tall and fierce. They were first- class in boxing.

Mrs. Stone had also brought the most powerful bodyguards here.

As such, Noah was even more afraid of standing up for his grandmom.

He shrank behind his mother and watched his elders argue with his cousins.

“Liberty, Serenity, you’re unfilial granddaughters–you’re very unfilial! Everyone, come and look at my unfilial granddaughters. It’s fine that they’re not paying to support me now that I’m old, but now that they know I’m sick, they’re hoping that I’ll die soon. They came back to rob me of my house!

“Why wouldn’t lightning strike my unfilial granddaughters to death?! God, open your eyes and see. I have two unfilial granddaughters here. They don’t give me money, they don’t support me, and they don’t pay for my medical expenses when I’m sick. Now, they’re snatching my house and kicking me out!

“God, please come and strike them with lightning. They’re too unfilial. They deserve to die!”

Old Mrs. Hunt kept cursing.

Serenity walked over.

Old Mrs. Hunt was shocked, so she took two steps back and questioned her defensively, “W–what are you going to do? Did I say anything wrong? You’re unfilial!”


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