Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1023 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1023

Serenity sneered, “When my parents just died 16 years ago, we got 1.2 million dollars in compensation. You and Granddad along with your children and grandchildren crowded our house to the point where we didn’t even have a place to stand.

“You forced me and my sister to hand over the money, saying that you had a share of it. It’s true that you and Granddad had a share of the money, but how much did you take?

“Back then, in order to get more money from my parents‘ insurance payout, you stated that Liberty and I don’t need to support you on behalf of our father while you’re alive, and that we don’t need to hold funerals for you when you pass. We don’t need to sustain you in life and bury you in death. It was written in black and white..

“Perhaps you’ve destroyed your copy, but the other copy is well–kept by Liberty. I believe the town committee has also kept a copy. The townspeople who were witnesses are still here today. Should we ask them to confront you?

“Does the house belong to you? My dad’s name is still written on the title deed. You and Granddad indeed have a share of what my parents left behind, but you can’t inherit everything. Liberty and I have a share of those things too!

“As for what you said about adopting a son for my parents, did they agree to it? Has John called my parents Dad and Mom? He’s still calling his parents Dad and Mom! Did you think that by stopping us from visiting our parents‘ graves and letting him pay his respect to them every year qualify him for the entirety of my parents‘ inheritance?

“In your dreams!”

Serenity added coldly, “Grandmom, go ahead and call Granddad and the others back. Liberty and I returned today for our parents‘ inheritance. Call them back so we can split everything clearly!

“Again, we won’t yield if they belong to us, and we won’t fight for what doesn’t belong to us!”


Old Mrs. Hunt jumped in anger. She pointed at Serenity and cursed, “You’re daughters. What right do daughters have to inherit a family’s property? Your father was my son. Since he passed away, his family property is ours!

“Get out of here! What right do married daughters have to come back to their parents‘ home to fight for their family property? Are you not ashamed of yourselves? In any case, your father is dead. Everything he left behind is mine. I’m not afraid of the people you brought. You can’t take the house away unless you beat us to our deaths!

“What agreement? What money? My son died, so his insurance payout belongs to me and my husband. You were just little girls. We showed our mercy when we gave you 200,000 dollars to live and not let you starve to death.

“I don’t remember signing any agreement. You’re extremely unfilial for not supporting me and paying for rny treatments. I’m telling you, if you don’t give us money, we’ll haunt you even after we turn into ghosts!”

Old Mrs. Hunt thought of the fact that Serenity was now the missus of the richest family and had lots of money, so she denied the agreement she had signed back then. She had long been shameless anyway

She would strive to get some benefits for her grandsons first.

As long as Serenity was willing to give her money, she would let her grandsons start their own businesses.

Since Serenity’s in–laws were very rich, it would not be a problem for her to give them a few million dollars, right?

“Old Mrs. Hunt, that’s not right. Back then, everyone in town knew about and witnessed the agreement you signed with Serenity and Liberty. The Howdens were present as well. Do you think you can deny it now?”

The person who intervened was Mrs. Deli.

She was the closest to Lisa.

When Scott and Lisa passed away, Mrs. Deli sympathized with and pitied Liberty and Serenity. However, she was too weak to help them and could only watch them being shooed away.


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