Married at First Sight Chapter 2035 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2035 by desirenovel-“Hayden, I just like you like this.” Kevin appreciated it authentically.

Hayden said indifferently: “There must be a reason for losing. If you find the reason for the loss and correct it, you will win in the future. However, I don’t care about winning or losing, and I don’t want to become enemies because of business competition.”

In business, there is no permanent enemy. But there are no forever friends either.

Hayden was very sober.

Hayden: “Have you verified that your Mrs. Stone in Wiltspoon is the daughter of the previous Matriarch?”

“It’s not confirmed yet, but it’s pretty close. Judging by the fact that Farrell’s parents and daughters are particularly powerful, Mrs. Stone is also in line with this. Mrs. Stone is now retired. Before she retired, she was also a leader in the business world of Wiltspoon.

My grandma admired her very much. My grandma said that when Mrs. Stone was young, she fell in love with Mrs. Stone and wanted to abduct her home and become her mother-in-law, but the Stone Family preempted her. After all, Mrs. Stone was in Stone’s work.”

Hayden filled another bowl of soup by herself, and she asked in a low voice, “How are Mrs. Stone and her sister?”

“Mrs. Stone is very nice. Her younger sister is my sister-in-law’s mother. She passed away sixteen years ago. My sister-in-law was only ten years old at the time.”

Hayden paused while eating, and then said: “It’s really miserable to be the head of the Farrell family. She loves and trusts her sister so much, but falls into her hands. Now there is only one of the two children left.”

“My sister-in-law’s mother is the one who suffers.” Kevin told Hayden the story of his elder brother’s mother-in-law.

Hayden said: “I know the love story of your brother and sister-in-law. After your elder brother made public the news of his marriage, it caused a great sensation. Not only did it make a sensation in Wiltspoon, but also the business circles in several neighboring cities of Wiltspoon.

Many families with daughters stared at your elder brother, thinking of marrying your elder brother, but your elder brother married an unknown woman as his wife, or a flash marriage, and then your sister-in-law’s life background is all was dug out

The relationship between your sister-in-law and sister is touching. By the way, your sister-in-law’s sister is divorced, right?”

Everyone’s focus was on Serenity, because she was the oldest mistress of the York family.

Everyone wanted to know why Serenity had won Mr. York.

Hayden thought about it for a while, and then she remembered that Serenity’s sister was in an unhappy marriage. People used to think that once a woman got married, quit her job, and stayed at home as a housewife, if she was out of touch with society, sooner or later she would be disgusted by her husband and everyone in her in-law’s family.

Before Liberty got married, she was still a white-collar worker in the company. She was so smart and capable. She never expected that after she got married, she would be out of touch with the society and be ruined.

“I left a long time ago. It’s been almost a year since I left. Sister Liberty has now lost weight and regained her previous youthful beauty. With the property she received during the divorce, she opened a breakfast restaurant. The business is booming. After earning some money, plus her savings, she has set up a new store and is going to open a restaurant.

She aspires to be in the catering industry, and said that she hopes to build a star-rated hotel one day. Now Sister Liberty is a different person than she was before the divorce. Now her ex-husband’s family is so regretful. After her ex-husband remarried, not happy either, after Jessica got her right, the family was in a state of chaos.

Some time ago, Jessica didn’t know what was going on, and stabbed her husband a few times. That sc*mbag is still lying in the ICU of the hospital, and his life and death are uncertain.” Kevin said.


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