Married at First Sight Chapter 2693 by Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2693-Carrie asked in confusion, “Why do I need to change my appearance? I am very satisfied with my natural appearance and don’t want to change it.”

Mr. Labbe smiled and said, “Miss Newman, you’re looking so good. If you don’t want to go under the knife, then just wear a human skin mask. Just wear a human skin mask when you go out. The human skin mask I prepared for you is so fake.

Also, I will give you a new identity. Until our cooperation is over, you cannot restore your identity. I can guarantee that when my affairs are settled, I will give you all the Newman family property you want.

Regarding Camryn, your blind older sister, I desire to crush her to death. There is nothing to be afraid of. However, I need you to cooperate with me. Only when my affairs are settled can I help you get everything you want.”

Mr. Labbe spoke very arrogantly, as if he had great ability to say such arrogant words as crushing the second young master of the York family to death would be like crushing an ant to death.

Carrie said, “Mr. Labbe, are you so capable? My blind eldest sister has regained her sight. She is still the second-youngest mistress of the York family. Mr. Labbe, aren’t you from Wiltspoon? Do you know the status of the York family in Wiltspoon?

Before my parents went in, they didn’t dare be arrogant in front of Young Master York. They didn’t even dare to speak loudly. They had to be careful to please them.

The York family not only has strong financial resources but also has wide connections. Their relatives and friends are all wealthy families. Their family members are prosperous. In Wiltspoon, many wealthy families are related to the York family. If the York family is harmed, it will be the same as Wiltspoon’s whole upper-class wealthy family being an enemy.”

Carrie was useless because she was too young, active, and spoiled by her parents. However, she still knew the York family’s status in Wiltspoon.

Just because she knew it, she thought about marrying into the York family and becoming a young mistress.

It’s a pity that she didn’t succeed. On the contrary, Camryn was lucky enough to capture Callum’s heart, successfully marry into the York family, and become the second young lady.

The two of them haven’t held a wedding yet, but they have received a marriage certificate. Carrie heard what Trenton said.

Callum now often stays overnight in the Newman family villa and sleeps with Camryn in the same bed. Before the two of them had obtained their certificates, Callum would always stay in the guest room.

Trenton respected Camryn very much. If Callum dared to bully Camryn, he would definitely not ignore her.

He didn’t care; he was happy to see the result—that is, the two people became a legal couple.

Carrie would not question the news.

Mr. Labbe smiled and said, “This is a bit troublesome, but as long as I want to do it, I can do it. Wiltspoon, and the Bucham family alone, I don’t dare look down upon.”

Other wealthy families just have more money.

It was not that scary.

He was afraid of the Bucham family. Therefore, he did not come forward directly but approached Carrie.

Carrie was full of hatred for Serenity, and now that she was in a state of decline, it was best to take advantage of her.

Mr. Labbe didn’t want to attack Serenity; he just wanted to use Carrie to help him verify something.

“Miss Newman, I think no matter how much I say, you will still be suspicious of me. It’s okay. I can understand it. To you, I am just a stranger and an uninvited guest, but we have a long time together. As you get to know me, you will understand that I am a person who can do what I say.”

Carrie was short of money then, and what Mr. Labbe promised made her very excited.

She grabbed the bag full of money and asked Mr. Labbe, “Mr. Labbe, you haven’t told me what to do yet. Also, what identity do you want me to change in front of everyone?”

“My mistress.” Mr. Labbe said


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