An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori Chapter 2204

Chapter 2204
“They’re coming!”

As soon as Liu Rushuang finished speaking, black figures suddenly appeared around the restaurant.

These black figures are scattered in twos and threes in all directions.

Some were standing on rooftops, some at street corners, some on street lamps, and some hidden among the trees.

Their movements were light and silent, like civet cats.

Moreover, the position is very particular, and all entrances and exits are completely blocked.

If you look down from a high altitude, you will find that these black shadows have unconsciously formed a large circle, surrounding Dustin and the others.

These are all killers who came after hearing the news.

From the time the killers appeared to the time the encirclement was formed, it only took two minutes, which shows that these killers are well-trained.

“Damn it! There are so many killers here. It looks like we are going to have a tough battle tonight!”

Xu Yang slowly pulled out the sword in his hand and stared at the shadows around him warily.

There are already more than a dozen killers who have appeared so far, and there are still many more who are hiding in the dark.

The most important thing is that these killers are all elites among the elites. They all have unique skills and are much more powerful than the warriors here.

If there was a fight, they might not be able to defeat them.

“It’s been a long time since we had a hearty battle. I want to see what these killers are capable of!”

Liu Hongxue suddenly drew her sword, looking eager to try.

When she first entered the world, she had not experienced anything dangerous, so she felt like a newborn calf who was not afraid of tigers.

She was not afraid at all when encountering a life-and-death fight, but was more excited.

After years of hard work, today I can finally show off my skills.

“I am a person who really hates fighting, but today it seems I can’t do it without fighting.”

Yan Buqi swung the folding fan down in his hand.

There was a “wow” sound, and a sharp blade suddenly popped out from the front of the folding fan.

“Hmph! A bunch of reckless things! Do you really think you can fight us with more people? Stop dreaming!”

The man in black sneered and said: “To tell you the truth, we are all elites selected from a million. After all kinds of devil training, dealing with you guys is just like cutting melons and vegetables!”

“So much nonsense.”

Yan Buqi frowned and reached out to touch the man in black’s dumb hole, not bothering to listen to his nonsense.

“Let my people go, and I can spare your life.”

At this time, a black-clothed killer standing on the roof suddenly spoke.

This man is tall, holding a giant sword, and has a lion embroidered on his chest, making him look even more powerful.

He is the leader of the lion group, a strong person in the late stage of Grandmaster.

Codename: Lion!

“Are everyone in your organization here?” rhys asked.

“Hmph! To deal with small characters like you, we don’t need to mobilize the entire organization.” The Lion said coldly.

“So, you have other plans?” Dustin raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Boy! Don’t lie to me, I’ll give you another chance, let him go immediately, otherwise, you will die!”

The lion slowly raised the giant sword in his hand, pointing directly at Dustin, with murderous intent looming in his eyes.

“People are here. If you have the ability, you can save yourself.”

Dustin kicked the man in black over and stepped on his chest.

“you wanna die!”

The lion’s eyes turned cold and he shouted angrily: “Kill them!”


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