Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1027 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1027

Old Mrs. Hunt saw that her daughters-in-law and grandchildren were inviting Serenity to their houses.

Plus, she had been making a scene for so long, but instead of gaining anything, she became a joke to the people in her hometown.

She decided to ease her expression and said, “Liberty, Serenity, your aunt is right. At the end of the day, we’re a family. If anything, let’s sit down and talk.

“I don’t want to argue with you anymore We’ll wait for your granddad and the others to come back so they can talk to you. No matter what, this house is mine.”

Serenity sneered, “I don’t want to argue or fight with you as well, Grandmom. Let’s meet in court.”

Going to court was to determine their shares of the inheritance. In Audrey’s words, this house was a joint property of her parents after their marriage-half belonged to her mother while the other half to her father

This house covered an area of 1,100 square feet. Half of it belonged to their mother whereas the other half belonged to their father was to be equally shared among the sisters and the two elders, meaning the two elders combined could only get 275 square feet of the house.

As for Lisa’s share, if the Howdens, her adoptive parents, relinquished their rights, then it would belong to the sisters and have nothing to do with Old Mr. and Mrs. Hunt.

I don’t need your hospitality either. This is our house, and I’m going back to my house.”

As Serenity spoke, she took Zachary’s hand and led him into the house her parents had worked hard to build back then.

This was her home.

She was young in the past and could not protect the property her parents left behind. As a result, her grandparents forcibly occupied it and shooed her and her sister away.

Standing in front of the house, Serenity looked at everything inside. Many things were still what her parents had bought when they were still around. Old Mr. and Mrs. Hunt lived here, but they were too lazy to spend money to replace the items.

Liberty brought Mrs. Stone and Elisa into the house.

Old Mrs. Hunt wanted to stop them but was stopped by Noah.

Noah pulled her grandmom, far away from everyone, before saying to her, “Grandmom, Serenity is very powerful. She knows kickboxing. Don’t mess with her anymore. She doesn’t buy this.

“Those people she brought aren’t to be messed with either. Grandmom, let them go in and take a look. The house is right there, and they can’t carry it away now. Let’s discuss this when Granddad, Mike, and John are back.”

Old Mrs. Hunt said hatefully, “It has been so many years. Why didn’t the two girls die outside? Now, they’re back to fight for their family property Daughters who are married off are no longer members of the family. How can they have a share of it? If they’re so capable, go and fight for their in-laws’ family property.”

She and her daughters-in-law had never returned to their parents’ homes to fight for the family’s property.

How dare Liberty and her sister come back to fight for theirs?

If the sisters took the house away, how shameful would Old Mrs. Hunt be? She would not dare go out and meet people in the future.

Noah did not study well, so he quit school and did nothing at home at the moment. Even so, he more or less knew some of the law He said, “Grandmom, if Serenity takes this to court, even for you and Granddad together, your share of this house wouldn’t be as much as theirs. As for the half of the inheritance that belonged to Aunt Lisa, you’re not entitled to it.

“Also. John only verbally said that he wanted to be adopted into Uncle Scott’s family as a son to inherit the family line, but the formalities weren’t done. Besides, John is still living with Uncle Chris and calls him Dad His adoption into Uncle Scott’s family is invalid.

“If you want to give Uncle Scott’s inheritance to John, you have to wait for Uncle Chris to pass away. Even then, John wouldn’t be able to inherit everything. My dad, my aunts, and we will also have a share of it.” Old Mrs. Hunt was dazed after listening to everything.


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