Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1034 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1034

Jessica was not willing, and deep down, neither was Hank So only by aineliorating his relationship with Liberty could they get Zachary to spare them

If he knew earlier that Serenity was Mr. York’s wife even if he had to drag it out, he would have done his best to delay divorcing Liberty. Then Serenity would not have allowed Zachary to force him into a corner for her sister

Unfortunately, these were all thoughts in hindsight

At the time he had suspected that Zachary was “the” Zachary York but did not believe that Serenity had the luck to mam into a rich family, so he had discarded the thought Who knew that he really was “the” Zachary York?

Hank was at a loss for words

“Mr Brown, if there’s nothing else, please leave ”

Hank hugged his son and sat there, unmoving, but said, “I want to accompany Sonny a little longer In the past, I was too busy with work and didn’t have the time to play with him, but now that I’m temporarily unemployed, it just so happens I have the time to make it up to him.”

“Don’t you and Ms. Yates have a wedding to hold? Don’t you have to renovate the house anew?” Liberty asked in return.

“My money is mostly being managed by Jessica. I let her take care of all that so she understands both our families’ financial situations. Then, she won’t think of trying to help her maiden family out,” Hank said.

The Yateses are kind of like vampires. They want to catch me and suck the life out of me. Luckily, Jessica knows how to draw the line.”

Hank had zero goodwill for his in-laws now

The dowry given had been a little bit low, so his parents-in-law had further asked him to buy a scooter each for his two brothers-in-law They said they did not need to be too expensive-just over ten thousand dollars each would do.

New scooters that cost over ten thousand dollars each for them both would still result in his spending over twenty to thirty thousand dollars.

Hank did not even bother negotiating with his parents-in-law further and told Jessica directly that they only had the little amount of money left and let her deal with it as she saw fit.

Jessica’s heart was fixated on their own little home. How could she be willing to fork out another twenty to thirty thousand dollars to buy vehicles for her two older brothers? She herself was still using Hank’s old car

Thus, Jessica would return to her parents’ home to argue with her parents, brothers, and sisters-in-law about once every two or three days.

Jessica’s parents would scold her and call her a waste of money who did not know how to squeeze the Browns for benefits to give to her own family.

Jessica would retort by asking how much money the Yateses forked out and what benefits they gave her sisters-in-law’s families when her elder brothers got married.

This struck her parents into speechlessness.

At the time their daughters-in-law married into their family, they had been very stingy. They had only given 6,600 dollars to each family, and did not pay for anything else. Moreover, before their two sons got married, they kept control over their bank accounts.

They did not give any more money to their in-laws, but the dowry Jessica’s sisters-in-law provided was worth more than tens of thousands of dollars.

“Ms. Yates is indeed much more capable than I was.”

Even Liberty had to admit that when it came to being a wife and daughter-in-law, Jessica was much better than she was.

Back then, it was precisely because she loved Hank that she tolerated everything and got bullied harshly.

Was the reason her ex-mother-in-law and ex-sister-in-law could bully her to that extent not all because she had enabled it?

If she had aggressively retaliated from the start, that mother-and-daughter pair would have known her might. How could they have dared keep bleating then?


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