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Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1036

As Duncan was driving past after work, he happened to see Hank carry Sonny out from the shop. Thinking that the scumbag was here to kidnap Sonny, he immediately hit the brakes and stopped in front of All You Can Eat

“Sonny Duncan swiftly got out of his car and walked over with big strides Before Hank could react, Duncan had taken his son from his arms.

After Duncan took Sonny from Hank, he even gave Hank a kick, which made Hank stumble a few steps backward and finally fall to the ground onto the steps, butt first.

Hank looked at Duncan, stunned.

What was this Lewis doing?

He took his son and even gave him a kick!

“Get out of here! If you dare try and kidnap Sonny again and harass Liberty, I’ll make sure you won’t be able to walk before I’m done with you!”

Hank was speechless.

“Dad!” Sonny cried, struggling to get down.

Hank climbed to his feet and explained, “Mr. Lewis, you’ve misunderstood me. I’m not here to kidnap Sonny, and I haven’t harassed Liberty either. I’m just here to see Sonny. Sonny said he wanted to go to the park to play, so I’m bringing him there.”

Duncan glared at him, making it obvious that he did not believe him.

Duncan walked straight into the shop, carrying Sonny


He yelled the moment he walked through the door. His voice has always been on the rough side.

“Has that scumbag been coming by to harass you again? He’s trying to kidnap Sonny, isn’t he?”

There had been a precedent for the Browns to kidnap Sonny

Liberty came out of the little kitchen and saw Duncan carrying Sonny. She was stunned for a moment before she said, “Mr. Lewis, you’re here. I did ask him to bring Sonny out to play.”

“So it was my misunderstanding…” Duncan said.

He put Sonny down and turned to say to Hank, “That’s fine. You should take Sonny out to play then. I didn’t use much strength in that kick earlier, so you should be able to take it, right?”

Hank’s expression was so dark it was dripping black ink.

Duncan’s kick earlier was really hard, okay?

He had even stumbled a few steps backward and had fallen on his bum.

Under Duncan Lewis’ glare, however, Hank did not dare say a word and just left after picking Sonny up.

After leaving the shop, he cajoled his son, “Sonny, let’s not go to the park anymore, okay?”


“Didn’t you see that scary man in your mom’s shop? He’s so fierce, even Dad’s scared of him. Mom will definitely be scared of him too. If we go to the park to play and leave Mom alone in the store, she’ll be bullied by that cruel man.”

“Sonny’s a little man, so you should learn how to protect Mom.”

Duncan’s arrival made Hank not want to leave. He wanted to stay there, even if Liberty tried to chase him. out with a broom. He wanted to be the third wheel.

Duncan was definitely trying to pursue Liberty!

Hank felt extremely agitated.

Duncan had a knife scar on his face and looked extremely terrifying, but he was the CEO of a big corporation and was better than him in every way.

Hank had lost his job after his second marriage. If Liberty married into a rich family for her second marriage, Hank would go crazy with envy.


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