Married at First Sight Chapter 2050 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2050 by desirenovel-Zachary: “Ms. Dawson is not alone, she has helpers in Wiltspoon.”

Mr. Dawson repeatedly assured Zachary that he would handle this matter well.

Zachary replied that he believed him.

After Zachary stopped sending messages, Mr. Dawson immediately called his nephew Kingston.

The uncle and nephew talked on the phone almost every day, and some decisions still needed to be consulted with Mr. Dawson.

Even if Analia made a decision, the prudent Kingston would still ask his second uncle for instructions. His prudence and his approach of focusing on Mr. Dawson made Mr. Dawson very relieved.

Kingston quickly answered Mr. Dawson’s call.

Kingston: “Second uncle.”

“Kingston, tell me the truth, what did Analia do during the time I was not in the home? Did she find a man who looks like Mr. York? Did she date that man?”

Kingston froze for a moment.

This matter spread to the second uncle’s ears so quickly.

Presumably Zachary couldn’t bear it anymore.

His cousin really did not let him down.

When someone in Wiltspoon investigated the man next to Analia, Kingston knew about it, because he kept people watching this matter.

He also deliberately released the man’s information to let Josh’s people complete the task easily.

Of course, Kingston was manipulating it behind the scenes, and the people in Josh also figured it out, only Kingston thought that no one knew it.

It’s just that Zachary didn’t expose Kingston, Analia was so hateful. Kingston didn’t know how to live or die, so he was asked to compete with her for the power of Dawson Group, and let Analia experience the fate of offending Zachary.

But many women who fall in love with Zachary would go crazy. Few people could break their love with a knife as soon as Elisa knew that Zachary had a wife.

Before knowing that Zachary was married, Elisa was crazy.

Analia would not let go easily, she was raised by her parents to be domineering, and she must get what she wants.

The more she refused to let go, the more she would quarrel with her father. Although Mr. Dawson loved his daughter, he cared more about the future of the Dawson Group.

In the end, maybe Mr. Dawson really handed over the management of the Dawson Group to his nephew Kingston.

If Kingston succeeded, how could he tolerate Analia?

Zachary knew it and didn’t remind Mr. Dawson, saying that Analia was asked to do disgusting things, so let Analia slowly lose everything she owned bit by bit.

“Second uncle, do you think Analia’s new boyfriend looks like Mr. York? Is he the Mr. York of the Wiltspoon York Corporation?”

Kingston asked his second uncle in a suspicious tone.

“Second Uncle, I haven’t met Mr. York in person, so I don’t know what he looks like, but Analia’s boyfriend, who used to deliver food to Analia, delivered food to Analia once, and Analia liked him, and the two often went out together. Yes it is true.”

Hearing that the stand-in for Zachary that his daughter had found was actually a delivery man, Mr. Dawson trembled with anger.

“When did they start?” Mr. Dawson gritted his teeth and asked, “Analia’s eyes are always high above the top, how could she find a delivery guy?”

Kingston said with a wry smile: “Second Uncle, what kind of temperment is Analia, you know, we have persuaded her, she can’t listen, she said she likes that man, that man is very handsome. Second Uncle, you said just now This man looks like Mr. York. Analia… Is the person she really admire Mr. York?”


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