Married at First Sight Chapter 2701 by Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2701-Jasmine also said to Josh, “That’s right. You think Wiltspoon is part of your Bucham family and that a stranger needs to ask your Bucham family for permission to enter Wiltspoon.”

Josh smiled. “I didn’t say that. The people below reported the news. I just mentioned it casually.”

When ordinary businessmen came over, Josh would naturally not tell Zachary such things.

But he’s a little more sensitive now.

Liberty went to Jensburg.

The late Mrs. Hunt was the youngest daughter of the previous head of the Farrell family in Jensburg. The Farrell family had a special place among major families.

They all knew the true meaning of Liberty going to Jensburg.

Suddenly, an unknown boss came, and Josh still couldn’t figure out the details of the other person. The person still came and left in a hurry, so the Bucham family’s information network reported this somewhat sensitive person.

Julian was still chasing Kiera in Yonsburg, and all matters in Wiltspoon were left to Josh.

If anything happened to the people under Josh’s command, they would naturally report to him.

If Josh couldn’t handle it, he would tell Julian or Matriarch Bucham.

“Josh, do you suspect someone from Jensburg?” Serenity suddenly asked.

Josh glanced at Zachary, and when Zachary didn’t speak, he said, “I don’t know now. I haven’t found out his details. He comes and leaves as fast as a gust of wind. If it weren’t for my Bucham family’s amazing network, I wouldn’t even know that such a person had been here.

I don’t believe it’s possible that the Farrell family sent the person, given what I know about them.

The person in charge of the Farrell family is Matriarch Farrell. Matriarch Farrell has just returned from Wiltspoon, but that mysterious person is a middle-aged man. We did not capture his appearance.”

What Josh meant was that the Farrell family had no one who could make a difference except the mother and daughter of the Farrell family.

Not to mention the men of the Farrell family.

Basically, it could be ruled out that that person was from the Farrell family in Jensburg.

“Seren, let’s not worry about this matter. Wiltspoon is so big, and there are often many people coming here on business trips.” Jasmine smiled and said, “Come on, let’s go for a walk and watch Sonny play with airplanes.”

Serenity saw Ben handing Avah into Jane’s hands and asking Jane to put her daughter down, and she said, “When Jane puts down Avah, the three of us will go out and leave the three men in the room to talk about business while taking care of the two children.”

When the two little milk babies fell asleep, someone had to watch them.

Jasmine hummed, then stood up and walked towards the loving couple.

Serenity also followed.

“Isn’t Avah asleep yet?” Serenity asked in a low voice.

Jane replied in a low voice, “Avah fell asleep. Maybe she didn’t sleep deeply enough. Her father put her in the stroller, and she woke up. I held her and coaxed her, so she would sleep a little deeper.”

She then said to Ben, “I can just hold my daughter while you go and chat with Mr. Bucham and the others.”

Seeing the three women together, Ben sighed and walked towards the two grown men.

In Jane’s arms, Avah slept soundly. A few minutes later, Jane carefully placed her in the stroller. This time, she didn’t wake up immediately.

Serenity helped cover her with a small quilt.

Jasmine helped put down the small mosquito net on the stroller to cover Avah and Enzo so that they could sleep more comfortably.

“Let’s go out and see those two naughty guys.”

Serenity said softly to Jane.

Jane hummed. She pushed the stroller to Ben’s side and whispered, “Husband, you watch the child while I go out to see Titus.”


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