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Married at First Sight Chapter 2703-Zachary and Josh both nodded and promised to keep it secret.

Titus was young, and he didn’t know that he was carrying a blood feud at such a young age.

He didn’t understand why his master, his mama, his other masters, and his uncles had particularly strict requirements on him.

Everyone didn’t want him to kill anyone, but they couldn’t let him be killed either.

He must have enough ability to protect himself.

As for revenge,

There were laws.

When he grew up and collected enough evidence, all his enemies would be brought to justice.

Having experienced the changes in the Lafayette family, they knew how to use the law to seek justice for themselves. They could take revenge and vent their anger without falling headlong into it and affecting the rest of their lives.

Now the Lafayette family was living a comfortable life.

The law was now punishing those who had harmed the mother and son of the Lafayette family.

There were only two old people who were too old to go in, but they were worse off than dead.

Even if he died, he could be done with it.

Life is worse than death. But it was the best revenge for them.

Sam walked in.

He walked to Zachary and said softly, “Young Master, Fourth Young Master Lewis is here.”

“Duncan is here; I’ll go out and push him in.” Zachary said, stood up, and left.

Sam said, “Fourth Young Master Lewis is followed by bodyguards. He is watching Sonny play with the airplane in the yard.”

Zachary sat down again and said to Ben, “Duncan will accompany Sonny; let him do it.”

Ben smiled understandingly and asked gossipingly, “When can Mr. Lewis and Sonny’s mother treat everyone to a wedding banquet?”

“My eldest sister is not resisting remarriage now. She and Duncan are already interested in a romantic relationship. However, Duncan has not fully recovered. Now it is he who is resisting getting married. He is afraid that he cannot return to normal and will drag down my eldest sister.” After finishing speaking, Zachary sighed.

As early as Zachary noticed that Duncan was interested in Liberty, he warned Duncan that things would not go well between them.

Liberty was divorced and had a son. Many women who were mothers-in-law would dislike Liberty.

Not to mention a wealthy family.

Mrs. Lewis reacted violently and disagreed with Duncan and Liberty.

Duncan didn’t listen to his parents, and he still had an accident.

Now the Lewis family no longer opposes Duncan and Liberty being together. The price they paid was that Duncan lost his legs.

The price was too high.

Ben said comfortingly, “Let nature take its course. They are both people who have gone through a lot of things. They will cherish each other. They will not dislike each other.”

Zachary said, “My eldest sister has now gone to Jensburg again… It feels like the relationship between them has not yet come to an end so quickly. Good things are hard to come by.”

Josh listened on the side and said with a smile, “I am still the best.”

He and Jasmine had a smooth journey, with no one blocking them and no love rivals.

Unlike his two best buddies, accidents always happen.

Ben and Zachary both gave Josh jealous looks.

At the same time, Jensburg

As soon as Liberty and her bodyguards left the Fortress Hotel, members of the Farrell family blocked them.

“Miss Hunt, excuse me.”

Liberty wanted to go out for a walk and inspect the market. When the people of Matriarch Farrell stopped her when she was leaving, she did not act surprised.

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