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Married at First Sight Chapter 2704-Sooner or later, Matriarch Farrell would have someone come find Liberty, but Liberty didn’t expect it to be so soon.

Liberty: “Is something wrong?”

The Farrell family bodyguard said respectfully, “Miss Hunt, our madam holds a banquet at home tonight and invites you to come over for dinner. She said that she hopes you will not refuse. They are all relatives and should move around normally.

Our madam also said that the family has packed up the room and asked you to move in with her. She said that you’re here. It’s okay if Madam doesn’t know. As she knows, she will definitely not let you live in the hotel.”

Even though the Fortress Hotel was owned by the York Corporation.

Liberty said, “You go back and tell your madam that I will come over for dinner in the evening, so there is no need to stay. It’s fine for me to stay in a hotel, so it’s not good to disturb them.”

If she moved to Farrell’s house and Matriarch Farrell wanted to squeeze her to death, it would only take a matter of minutes.

If Liberty moved into Farrell’s house, she knew her life would be in danger. Although it is said that if she doesn’t enter the tiger’s den, she won’t catch tiger cubs, when there are too many tigers, life is more important. If life is gone, nothing will be left.

The Farrell family bodyguard was only responsible for bringing a message to Liberty. Once the message was brought and Liberty got a reply, he could go back.

He said, “Miss Hunt, I will go back and tell our madam. Then, I will leave first and won’t disturb you.”

Liberty nodded slightly.

The Farrell family bodyguard turned around, left, and soon drove away from the Fortress Hotel.

Liberty said to his bodyguard, “You guys wait for me downstairs; I’ll go see Kevin.”

Shw was going to tell Kevin that Matriarch Farrell invited her to have dinner at the Farrell family.

She would definitely go to the Farrell family. It was her mother’s former home, and she wanted to see where her mother lived.

A few minutes later,

Liberty knocked on Kevin’s office.

Kevin was writing something when he saw that the person coming in was Liberty, so he quickly picked up the document and covered the paper in front of him.

He moved so fast that Liberty was afraid to see him.

Liberty guessed that Kevin was writing a love letter to Hayden.

She pretended not to notice Kevin’s little move.

“Sister Liberty, aren’t you out?”

Kevin stood up, walked around the desk, and invited Liberty to sit down on the sofa in the reception area. Then he went to get Liberty a glass of warm water.

Liberty said, “I went out in the morning. I came back for lunch and rested for a while. Now I wanted to go out, but I was stopped by the people of the Farrell family.”

Kevin suddenly asked nervously, “Do people from the Farrell family dare touch you in the Fortress Hotel?”

This was a provocation for Liberty and Kevin.

Did they think Liberty and Hank were paper tigers?

“That’s not true. No matter how stupid they are, they will never touch me at the Fortress Hotel. Matriarch Farrell said that she held a banquet at home tonight and invited me to dinner. I think her banquet is specifically for me. “

Kevin said, “It must be the Hongmen Banquet. Sister Liberty, I will accompany you.”

Liberty smiled and said, “No need; she won’t do anything to me now.”

Kevin said, “No matter whether she will attack you or not, I can’t let you go into danger alone. That old woman is cruel and ruthless. Don’t think that she doesn’t dare to attack you. She knows that even if she doesn’t do anything, we and the Farrell family will be together, and we can’t live in peace.

That old woman will never let you go, and the Farrell family won’t come back to you. Only then can you become Kathryn’s opponent.”

His sister-in-law, Serenity, was not convenient right now.

Elisa made it clear again that she did not have the ability and did not want to take over the Farrell family.

Only Liberty was a suitable candidate. Soon she would become Kathryn’s most powerful opponent.

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